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350Seattle – Keep it in the Ground


Fracking 101 – why natural gas is dirty and dangerous (2:30)
(Do you care if your drinking water contains
Lead, Formaldehyde, Benzene, Methanol and ??? )

Bill McKibben and many others have called natural gas perhaps the most dangerous fuel of all. Nevertheless, politicians such as

Governor Inslee and Senator Cantwell are refusing
to speak out against the gas industry.
We are calling on Senator Cantwell to host a Town Hall here: (Seattle)

Senator Cantwell’s new Energy bill:

The Energy Bill You’ve Probably Never Heard Of by

Senate energy bill would fan the flames of climate change

Bernie Sanders makes first move against a bill with bipartisan support that could increase fracking – by

350+ Groups Oppose Dirty Senate Energy Bill that Would Promote Fossil Fuels, Pollute Air and Water, and Hasten Climate Chaos – Seth Gladstone