Ketogenic diet – Practical ideas to make keto flow !


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Goal of a true ketogenic diet is to maintain 25 -30 NET carbs/day
Net Carbs = Total Carbs minus Fiber (Memorize)

(Learn to read carbohydrate labels – BIG LEARNING CURVE).
Here’s 2 examples –
A) Marys gluten free, org, seed crackers (6 crackers)
21 total carbs, 3 gms fiber, 0 sugar- (21 – 3)
(= 18gm net carbs)
B) Flackers Organic Flax Seed Crackers by Doctor In Kitchen,
(6 Frackers = Total carb 7 gms, Fiber 6 gms, 0 sugar
(= 1gm Net carb

How to calculate the number of Net carbs, amount of protein and fat to consume


Ketogenic Lifestyle – What to eat (and not)
compiled by Les Berenson MD

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It is the ONLY ketogenic supplement that has the exact same makeup
as the human ketone body.

This company was the 1st to make a ketosis supplement and their science department improves the products as they find things that increase the ketosis experience. Instead of taking 3-5 days of fasting to get into ketosis –
this supplement gets you into ketosis in ONE HOUR!

Instead of having to do a 30 net carb lifestyle once costs back
the major carb groups (potatoes, rice, pasta, bread etc.) but can enjoy socializing and occasional splurges as it’s easy to get back on track.
In essence it make this Ketosis lifestyle more “user friendly”

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Keto Flu – How to avoid it and respond if you get it.

Your Definitive Guide to Conquering the Keto Flu – Bulletproof Blog


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125 recipes and 5 Meal plans and shopping lists; 40% Vegan recipes or adaptableMy favorite book filled with charts, graphs, explanations and solutions for EVERYTHING

Leanne’s website 

Leanne’s guide to eating keto in restaurants

Ketogenic Lifestyle – What to eat (and not)
compiled by Les Berenson MD

Keto Diet for Women: How to Make It Work +
Tips to Overcome Side Effects by Dr. Josh Axe MD
Brilliant distinctions to adopting an alkalinizing diet along with a ketogenic diet  

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Fat For Fuel – Dr. Joseph Mercola D.O. (Excellent – no recipes)
(Mercola also has a new cookbook and reviews say there is no breakdown of the recipes to any net carbs, protein etc.)
so maybe avoid the cookbook


Apps (to look up foods an record net carbs etc).

If you don’t know what you’re doing →
it’s kind of hard to see where your going – eh?

I used the free app Senza for the 1st few weeks and found it invaluable. It’s filled with recipes and ideas, BUT the main thing
is to easily look up and then record foods you eat EACH DAY.

When you see how you’re doing for the day, it keeps you
a bit more honest (if that’s of concern). Do this for 1-2 weeks and
you’ll gain much insight and ease to stay on a keto lifestyle.
Are you doing this for a short time OR willing to see how your body and mind change over a 6-12 month period?

www.Senza.US – Free app (I personally use)


A Beginner’s Guide to the Ketogenic Diet:
An Effective Way of Optimizing Your Health
by Dr. Joe Mercola DO
(Great 2 min video; Different type Ketogenic diets explained
(toward bottom) including for high level athletes )