Colds, Viruses, Flu, Sinusitis


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Colds, Viruses, Flu, Sinusitis are common problems facing many.
My personal feeling is our immune systems are compromised and
when we are exposed to these “germs” we get ill.

If one maintains a great immune system (eats organically , avoids GMOs, avoids toxicity, lives in a “Green” home environment , one can avoid these viral illnesses.

Here is my Colds, Viruses, Flu, Sinusitis handout
Read it CLOSELY.

My suggestion is to go to a good nutrition support store (like Whole foods)
as the support personal to help you pick out QUALITY  supplements
(cheaper ones may not have any or the same ingredients in them).

Take the Colds, Viruses, Flu, Sinusitis handout and
put it in a plastic or other bag with these supplements and
put it in your travel bag (often that’s when people get sick)
i.e. keep it with you