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Weight loss is a complicated issue, one I’ve personally worked with much of my life. Recently I have embarked on a very unique detox cleanse that 99% lose 5-20 pounds (average is 12 pounds weight loss) while BUILDING MUSCLE in 10 days (SAFELY).

I personally lost 10 pounds and when I did it a year ago,
I lost 13 pounds while increased my pushups from 25 –> 40
within the 10 days (40%).

Update – since Jan. 2015 –  I’ve lost 14 pounds using this specific protocol
along with the Intermittent Fasting protocol. (See below)


If anyone is interested please email or call me
206 290-0409


In most weight loss programs when rapid weight loss occurs,
muscle is also lost and this is potentially dangerous as your heart muscle, immune system and antibodies are made of Amino Acids so one often get sick, colds etc.

This cleanse is unique one as the protein is the most efficiently utilized protein I’ve seen. 99% of the vegan Amino Acids (protein building blocks) are absorbed in 23 min. There are 15 patents & 30 scientific studies on these vegan Amino Acids & they are even in the PDR. By comparison whey protein (has dairy) 15-30% gets absorbed within 90 min or so.

Ave weight loss is 12.5 pounds.


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