Cancer – a Chronic Disease

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Les Berenson MD –  my personal story
Many of you know I beat my prostate cancer naturally these last few years.

It was an interesting learning curve and I learned a ton about cancer,
natural approaches to cancer, the cancer machine
(FDA, oncology, American Cancer Society (Pink ribbon (charade)

I’m constantly looking for credible sources of dealing with cancer
from a natural approach and will be adding much content to this page
especially about prostate health (see chronic conditions prostate health)

Cancer is Chronic Disease – i.e. by modifying your “environment” one can change how a “disease” shows up in the body.  As Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D says ” Become a master of your life, rather than a victim of your heredity”.

By changing these aspects of our lives we each are exposed to below –> we can potentially change how diseases including cancer show up or disappear.

Food we eat
Exercise – how and what type of exercise
Toxicity exposure (especially cosmetic toxicity)
Thoughts and beliefs
Life stressors

I beat prostate cancer naturally last year (2014).
I have a document I put together with books, DVD’s (a must) and links to treatment resources. I’ve learned a lot about cancer in general especially
over these last 4-5 years (much less my 30 year career).
Reach out to me privately if this is of interest

Cancer articles / videos – General

Tumor Markers in Common Use – NCI (National Cancer Institute) reviewed 

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Exceptional Botanical Kills 98% of Cancer Cells in Under 24 Hours


The Metabolic Theory of Cancer and the Key to Cancer Prevention and Recovery – by Dr. Joe Mercola DO – Feb. 07, 2016 

Chemotherapy Detox: How to Rebuild Your Health after Chemo   By Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Radiation Detox: How to Rebuild Your Health after Radiation Therapy

Hyperthermia Therapy: Using Heat to Help Heal Cancer –  

Prostate cancer:
Will the Prostate Cancer 4Kscore Test Help You? – By Dr. Geo
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Soy What? Can this Food Protect Against Prostate Cancer by Dr. Geo MD


Detoxing and Coffee Eenemas
Fight Cancer & Detoxify with a Coffee Enema by Dr. Josh Axe
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