Masks, Quarantine and Lockdown

This is a difficult set of topics and not quick easy answers – Please read.
One must UNLEARN some beliefs in order to go a different direction (As I did).
PLEASE spend some time on this page,
Reading, Learning and Growing THEN SHARE WITH OTHERS.

Many are fearful that others are not wearing masks
as well as leaving quarantine and the repercussions from massive spread
As a physician reading the science –
I have to ask where you got YOUR beliefs from ???
If we get to 30-50% UNEMPLOYMENT
 (past the great depression) –
your knowledge / decisions NOW are critical –
so it behooves you to Make sure you’re correct – READ & LEARN.

News says Donald Trump should be listening to the scientist.
The problem is there’s only one scientist – it’s Anthony Fauci MD & his agenda –
not a panel of scientists or epidemiologists planning this – it’s ONLY FAUCI’s agenda.
OK how long have YOU known Dr. Fauci? Have you learned anything
about him other than from YOUR NEWS sources and friends?

I’ve known of Dr. Fauci past 40 years since medical school days and
READ A LOT about his background (which you may not have read).

If you’re reading this, I’m hopeful that you have read what environmental lawyer  Robert Kennedy Jr. has shared, AND have seen “Plandemic” and
have the context of these comments. (If not go back to the above topics.)

In my medical scientific research on Covid19 – 
A) 3-5% of pop. are at risk. (0.1-0.3% are at risk of dying).
THE U.S. has been shut down economically for 3-5%. (Unemployment 35%)?

Are you a supporter of the Pharmaceutical industry? (YES or NO) ?
Robert Kennedy Jr points out 25% of Pharmaceutical industry are vaccines.

by the top 4 vaccine companies
Realize why these decisions are made : 
WHO – 50% budget from Pharmaceutical industry
CDC buys and sells $4.6 BILLION in Vaccines
(40% of CDC budget)

FDA gets 75% budget from Pharmaceutical industry

The vaccine agenda NEWS involves FEAR, MASKS and QUARANTINE.
Without your fear – their agenda and mandatory vaccines disappear.

If you didn’t read the Science checker

to start to really understand the dangers of Vaccines
then STOP and look at this document 

B) 95-97% of the ENTIRE POPULATION may or may not get Covid 19 –
95-97% – The spectrum of symptoms are:
most are without symptoms or a few sniffles
to other side of spectrum of 95-97% – bone shaking chills,
whole body aches, worn out and 5-7 days later awaken and
ready to get on with life –  like a bad flu.
I know people are dying – please stay with my thoughts.

We’re lying down and not questioning & taking down America because 3-5% –
People are out of work, businesses closed, lost employees, kids out of school
(I can keep going). We are DESTROYING THE WORLD because of the 3-5%.  

My research as a physician
shows there is NO medical, epidemiological explanation BASIS for a quarantine.
WE have never done this before for any viral or flu epidemic
***EVER*** anytime in the world.
We either buy into their agenda
(without questioning THEIR science) OR
WE follow science, logic and stand up our economy & community. 

Point of this section
is to bring this “plandemic” (3-5% ) into perspective.

Masks – We have to ask some commonsense questions (based on SCIENCE)
– WHO should really be wearing masks to prevent death from COVID-19?
– What are the benefits—using science and data
of healthy people wearing masks to prevent spreading a virus?
– What are the risks to healthy people wearing masks?

The COVID-19 virus is 0.125 µm in size.
The N95 mask, filters out 95% of particles >0.3 µm2

If an N95 mask won’t filter Covid19
what about a cloth mask??

Surgical masks have been shown to not adequately filter
against particles measuring from 0.9-3.1 µm. (2)

Other researchers have shown that particles from 0.04-0.2 µm

can penetrate surgical masks. (3)
(2) Am. J Infect. Contol. 2008:36:276-282   ;
(3) Ann.Occup. Hyg. 2008:52:177-85

Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy (EXCELLENT)

Russel Blaylock MD, a reputable integrative neurosurgeon
warns that not only do face masks fail to protect the healthy
from getting sick, but they also create SERIOUS health risks to the wearer.

“The bottom line is that if you are not sick,
you should not wear a face mask
By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses
will not be able to escape and will concentrate
in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and
travel into the brain.”

There is a difference between the N95 respirator mask and the surgical mask
(cloth or paper mask) in terms of side effects.
The N95 mask, which filters out 95% of particles
with a median diameter >0.3 µm
, because
it impairs respiratory exchange (breathing) .
N95 masks cause reduction in blood oxygenation (hypoxia)
or an elevation in blood C02 (hypercapnia). 

The importance of these findings is that
a drop in oxygen levels (hypoxia)
is associated with an impairment in immunity.
This sets the stage for contracting any infection,
including COVID-19 and making the consequences
of that infection much graver.
In essence, your mask may very well
put you at an increased risk of infections and
if so, having a much worse outcome.

Unfortunately, no one is telling the frail elderly and those with lung diseases,
such as COPD, emphysema or pulmonary fibrosis, of these dangers
when wearing a facial mask of any kind—
which can cause a severe worsening of lung function.
This also includes lung cancer patients and people having had lung surgery,
especially with partial resection or even the removal of a whole lung.

As for the scientific support for the use of face mask, a recent careful examination of the literature, in which 17 of the best studies were analyzed, concluded…“

None of the studies established a conclusive relationship between mask/respirator use and
protection against influenza infection.

Keep in mind, no studies have been done to demonstrate that either a cloth mask or the N95 mask has any effect on transmission of the COVID-19 virus.
When a person has TB they wear a mask,
not the entire community of non-infected.

SCIENTIFIC studies on masks

The recommendations by the CDC / WHO
ARE NOT based on any studies of this virus
& have never been used to contain
any other virus pandemic or epidemic in history.

WHO stands by recommendation to not wear masks
if you are not sick or not caring for someone who is sick

By Jacqueline Howard, CNN March 31, 2020
There is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks
by the mass population has any potential benefit.

In fact, there’s some evidence to suggest the opposite
in misuse of wearing a mask properly or fitting it properly,
” Dr. Mike Ryan,

executive dir of WHO health emergencies program,

Masks Healthy People Wearing Masks, Should They or Shouldn’t They?
Patricia Neuenschwander, M.S.N., R.N., C.P.N.P.-P.C.,
an emergency room nurse with over two decades of experience,
the science doesn’t support healthy people wearing masks.

Dr. Brownstein pointed out -2015 study found cloth masks,
when compared to surgical masks,
increase rate of influenza-like illnesses

Why? – What’s the basis for quarantine –
Scientific or Political ?

How many lives will be saved    OR
How many will likely DIE from quarantine (are you aware) ?
When should we come out of quarantine – now, slowly or when vaccinated ?
When we come out what will actually happen? 

LB – I’ll answer the last question first – what will likely happen
If you’ve been reading along and actually studying these reports,
you see that
only a few actually get really sick or die.
I’m not happy about this but when everyone comes out

there will be a surge of “flu” like illness (last a week?
and a few ( . 3%) will get really sick & or die.

MAJORITY of POPULATION will be fine – ill for few days to a week or so.
The “herd” natural immunity is quickly increasing and
explains why the numbers of new diagnosed cases are going up.
If you’re CONCERNED – take Vit C, D, eat organically

Realize the media is “bought” so you won’t be hearing this realism and
the fear about the 2nd wave will continue in the media
as the agenda is to create enough fear
to MANDATE Fauci’s and 
Gates vaccine for EVERYONE in the WORLD.

Knut Wittkowski, Ph.D.,
world famous epidemiologist,

the former head of the Department of Biostatistics,
Epidemiology and Research Design
at the Rockefeller University in New York City.

Coronavirus virus could be “exterminated”
if lockdowns lifted within weeks if people were allowed
to lead normal lives and the vulnerable were sheltered
until the virus passes.
Wittkowski said only thing
that stops respiratory dis. is NATURAL herd immunity. 

Herd immunity happens when a large percentage
of a population becomes immune to an infectious disease,
which stops its spread.

“So, it’s very important to keep the schools open and kids mingling to spread the virus to get herd immunity as fast as possible,” said Wittkowski. At the same time, the elderly should be separated and the nursing homes closed. After about four weeks, with the virus exterminated, he said, their children and grandchildren can return.

His YouTube has had 1.2 MILLION views  ** (  Read More  ) **

YouTube censors epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski for opposing lockdown
By Jon Levine May 16, 2020

*** How many will likely die from the quarantine ***
Robert Kennedy Jr. –
Notes taken from (spontaneous i.e. not formal) lectures
* These are from a lecture I transcribed and
not form a formal lecture with prepared notes – so numbers do not add up.

For every 1.9% unemployment add about 37,000 DEATHS * –
– Suicides (900),
– Heart attacks (9000)
– Stress

In addition for every 1.9% unemployment:

~ 4000 go to prison
~ 3300 go to mental hospitals

US unemployment (3.5%) is going to (35%) – greater than great depression (25%)
Multiply 30 (difference unemployment) X 37,000 deaths = 1.1 Million DEATHS

Worst outcome in US for Covid19 deaths are 100,000 (worst case scenario)

1 Million
DEATHS killed by quarantine
is 10X the number Covid deaths

Other aspects of quarantine not being planned on:
In addition there’s no consideration of the disruption of the supply chain: 

Medications, Food and Food Production
– Delayed non-emergency medical care –
cancers, heart disease, diabetes hypertension etc
– How many people are being sexually abused because parents are being kept home?
– Rates of domestic violence?
that will kill and harm a lot of people
What about Impacts on children not going to school?

Kennedy points out
that Fauci DOES NOT have the training
to do a risk assessment of the quarantine.
Fauci CAN tell us how many Corona virus can kill today or a slow release.


Kennedy – Remember mainstream media is only asking one scientist *Fauci* who has no capacity to make a risk assessment for quarantine, unemployment, and disrupted food supply and health decline from mortality and morbidity.
This is a critical question before we adopt a policy that is cataclysmic to putting people out of work in this country FOR 3-4 MONTHS – agree?

Asymptomatic carriers and opening up quarantine 

Study claiming new coronavirus can be transmitted by people
WITHOUT symptoms was flawed
By Kai Kupferschmidt Feb. 3, 2020

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German government’s public health agency, has written a letter to NEJM to set the record straight, even though it was not involved in the paper. But the researchers didn’t actually speak to the woman before they published the paper. The last author, Michael Hoelscher of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Medical Center, says the paper relied on information from the four other patients: “They told us that the patient from China did not appear to have any symptoms.” Afterward, however, RKI and the Health and Food Safety Authority of the state of Bavaria did talk to the Shanghai patient on the phone, and it turned out she did have symptoms while in Germany.  The German cluster does reveal another interesting aspect about the new virus, Drosten says. So far most attention has gone to patients who get seriously ill, but all four cases in Germany had a very mild infection.

A study on infectivity of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 carriers
Ming Gao, Lihui Yang, […], and Xinglin Gao

How to reopen society using medical science and logic                          

David and Joan Traitel Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and
the former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center.

There are two critical aspects
of this urgently needed re-entry plan.

First, policymakers must apply logic and critical thinking to the massive amount of evidence we have acquired and combine that with decades of established medical science.
, we must demonstrate and fully convey the logic underlying the plan to reassure a public that has become almost paralyzed with panic and fear.

First, let’s finally focus on protection for the most vulnerable — that means nursing home patients, who are already living under controlled access.
Second, those with mild symptoms of illness should strictly self-isolate for two weeks.
Third, open all K-12 schools. Children have nearly no risk of serious illness from COVID-19.
Fourth, open businesses, including restaurants and offices, but require new standards for hygiene, disinfection and sanitization via enforceable, more stringent regulations than in the past.

Dave Cullen interviews Professor Dolores Cahill –
Professor of Molecular Genetics and Immunology:
Dolores Cahill is a world leading scientist, renowned for her work in Bio-Medicine.
She discusses the low incidence of deaths (misleading news), the reason and
good news behind all the VERY HIGH NUMBERS, the benefit of Chloroquine, Lockdown, quarantines and masks, and misleading CDC information

Transcribed Notes 

See Deaths and Statistics