Is Covid19 starting again OR OVER ? Hydroxychloroquine solution or poison (Read on)

Several topics in this document :
A) The
CDC graph for US deaths
weeks ending 2/21/20 to 6/27/20
(Broken down for each age group).
Why the numbers of Covid19 are going up

B) Dr Zelenko’s hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) data :
800 patients – 2 deaths, no complications
(Zelenko was responsible for Trump taking HCQ)

Analysis of Hydrochloroquine studies and

how the WHO and Gates purposely designed
some of these studies with toxic amounts of HCQ

Notice that the deaths are essentially back to normal which should scientifically mean the Covid19 pandemic is OVER.
Why Did Dr. Fauci get on news last week and send more FEAR that the 2nd wave is coming and >100,000 new cases a day etc. etc.

If you’re not aware of Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci’s agenda
see the bottom to read.

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Then why the reason for so many new cases in US recently:
1) More testing (obvious)

2) Herd immunity – this was a VERY infectious, contagious virus. Yes many were exposed (currently and in past) and developed antibodies (see below).
Majority of people have no symptoms.

3) Many reports coming forth that if a hospital or nursing home patient is tested daily X 6 days and positive each time – it is being counted at 6 different Covid19 cases. (Don’t ask me why they test daily – once positive but its rampant – reimbursement??)

(May 18) – Collin County, TX epidemiologist Aisha Souri said that their dept. was told of new diagnostic criteria handed down by CDC to the various states.
See links below.

Even if a person is NOT COVID19 positive by testing – the new criteria labeling Covid19 “PROBABLE” could mean 16 people around a tested person would be considered positive as:

     “Covid19 PROBABLE”, is counted as Covid19 cases.

New Probable case definitions:
A) FDA approved positive lab with our without symptoms  
B) Close contact with confirmed or probable cases. If one is in contact with a Covid19 individual in last 14 days or lives in an endemic area they can be considered Covid19 probable.
If you have a headache, have a fever, live in Callan Country = Covid probable
If you have shortness of breath , live in Collin County = Covid probable

                                There are 15 Different options
            on how you can be classified “as a probable case”
                             (even with no lab testing)

Collin County Commissioners Court May 18th, 2020 – Aisha Souri
New COVID-19 definitions by the state could raise case counts in Collin County

4) If an individual was exposed to the Covid19 – Corona virus or a Corona virus in past or got a flu shot in last 10 years (that contained the Corona virus and may test positive) then yes that person might be Covid19 positive on testing. Being positive does not mean one is sick, ill or even going to get sick or even recently infected. Hopefully it will be a long lasting immunity –
BUT IT’S HOW VIRUSES OCCUR AND DIE OFF – “Herd IMMUNITY”. Viruses wipe through a population and some die, most don’t and eventually it goes away.

The death statistics from Covid19 are .1 – .3%
Meaning 99.7% do not die.
We have wiped out an economy,
destroyed businesses,
destroyed social lives and communications.
(why I’m against masks as they are a metaphor to continue the fear).
Want hard science on masks?

Another new report I saw today with same .1% death statistic,
Wake Forest COVID Study: Death Rate, Severity Of Symptoms Is Lower Than First Thought  JUL 2, 2020

Masks, quarantine, social distancing, treatment 
Dr. Kelly Victory is a board certified trauma & emergency specialist with over 15 years of clinical experience. 
She served as CMO for Whole Health Man., delivering on-site healthcare for Fortune 500 companies. She is an expert in disaster preparedness and the medical management of mass casualties. Dr. Victory is a member of the Nat’l Preparedness Leadership Initiative, a combined effort of Harvard School of Public Health and Kennedy School of Gov’t to develop “meta-leaders” for national disaster preparedness & response. 

Excellent article discussing many of these points .
LOCKDOWN LUNACY 2.0: Second wave? Not even close
by J.B. Handley

Hydroxychloroquine – deadly drug or the answer to Covid19

This document is 2 parts :
A) Interview with Dr. Zelenko who has treated 2000 Covid19 patients, 800 with HCQ and ONLY 2 deaths
B) Analysis of the 8 HCQ studies creating the FDA to stop use of HCQ, and the WHO fraud behind these studies

ZELENKO: HCQ DENIERS ARE “GUILTY OF MASS MURDER” Interview by Del Bigtree July 2, 2020 (Mosney, NY)

2200 patients with Covid19. Risk stratified to determine if high risk.
Would have expected a 5% mortality in this population – 40 deaths 

Says anyone who got in way of access to care – 
committed crimes against humanity & guilty of mass murder
______________________________________                Dr. Vladimir Zelenko MD had only 2 deaths 
                  out of 800 in high risk group.

Zelenko protocol : HCQ 400 mg, Zinc and Zithromax.
He says if you use Zinc you can use lower HCQ

Allopathic medicine has nothing to offer other than ventilators / support.

Zelenko notes Quercetin has similar effects as HCQ.
Not much data, however if patient can’t get hydroxychloroquine, or
cant take it for whatever reason, Quercetin can be alternative.

Zelenko is consulting with :

  • Honduras (entire country following Zelenko protocol,
  • Large section of Brazil (Prevent Senior– take care of 500,000),
  • Turkey
  • Iran
  • Israel – Ministry of Health
  • Italy (worst death rate in world) 3 days after starting death rates started to drop
    As soon as people started using the protocol, people stopped dying

    Trump started taking HCQ
    after Zelenko reached out to him

Brazil – Started using in march (can see start to decline)

Brazil – Started using in march (can see start to decline)