Urotherapy – Urine Therapy

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Urotherapy – Urine Therapy

Notes below are from Dr Groups lecture linked above – 12 uses of UroTherapy 
It is a healing tool that prevents and works on even the so called incurable disorders.’ As a natural, free, and ready-to-use therapy that your body created for you – This practice is for everyone.

Uro Therapy can be applied

  • Internally (full body detoxification) and
  • Externally (skin conditions, hair loss, wound healing, sterilization

Begin your UroTherpy journey:
Start small – 1 drop / day (if desired) – May drink more in beginning
Can use it topically, if not ready to use it internally
Do your research and education – this will erase the brainwashing and conditioning that this is toxic
(See references below)
Use supplements, detox, regularly, eat a clean organic diet
If on supplements can continue unless having a harsh reaction.
Listen to your body and pause the uropathy if needed

Aging – Evolved Urine :
: Put Urine in a glass jar with a cotton or wool cover to allow for oxygen / air flow and let it breathe; store in a window area for a moon and sun exposure (9 days);
Apply topically or compress or drink
Benefits : ideal for all skin conditions, scars, Burns, Ward’s, acne, fighting infection

Enemas (colonic irrigation)

How – Best 2-3 hrs before bed; collect 9 oz urine, implant & hold as long as possible, & release when urged.
Benefits: digestion and liver purging, constipation, diarrhea, deep cleansing, improving immune system, acne, insomnia, colon and prostate issues

Eye Drops (used in eye pdts (Murine)
How – Use clean dropper, use fresh or evolved, aged urine, can always dilute eyedrops with distilled water, if necessary, administer a few drops at a time (3-5)
Benefits: blindness, cataracts, eyesight, conjunctivitis, irritation, burning and tired eyes

Ear Care (Murine ear drops)
How – use clean dropper, can use fresh or evolved, aged urine; apply few drops at a time (3-5) ; can lie on your side and let sit for five minutes
Benefits: deafness, wax removal, tennis, headaches, lymphatic and sinus drainage

Bellybutton (Navel it’s connected to 70,000 veins, nerve endings, and blood vessels)
How – use fresh or evolved urine inside the belly button; apply 3 drops and spread it around abdomen; can soak cotton ball and leave it while sleeping
Benefits: obesity, weight, loss, digestion issues, candidiasis, spasms, stress, depression, dizziness, lethargy

Urine Pulling / Oral (similar to oil pulling with coconut oil)
How : gargle and swish, hold I’m mouth for 3 minutes, swallow, or spit out
Benefits : tooth, aches and pain, gum, conditions, receding gums, oral surgery, dental, work, cavities, candidiasis

Nasal Decongestant
: snort up nose or using a squirt bottle; keep your head upside down to ensure no urine runs down the throat, keep it going towards the pineal gland, it may burn a bit, and you may sneeze. This is normal.
Benefits: allergies, sinus infections, increases in energy, brain, injury, dizziness, vertigo, and fever

Foot Soaks 
How : please 2–3 quarts urine in a tub large enough for both of your feet, can be warmed or not, add water, or not, soak for 30 minutes massage and relax.
Benefits : cuts, stings, bites, nourishes the endocrine digestion, absorption, nervous system, and lymphatic drainage; foot and ankle injuries; feet are connected to all bodily organs and systems, so this will create a full body detox

Full Body Bath
How : collect a gallon or more of urine and fill a bath, partially with hot water to enjoy; get into the bath and soak for 30 minutes
Benefits: chronic body pain, fatigue, heart, health, mental health, bodily infection, and various diseases

Nebulizing / Vaporizing
: use a nebulizer or aromatherapy diffuser

  • Nebulizer – use fresh urine for -3X times /day, 9 breaths through nose and mouth
  • Diffuser – can add essential oils for fragrance to the urine and let it run for 2 to 6 hours

Benefits : respiratory issues, parasite, detoxification, supports sinuses, and lungs

Background reading:
1) The Water of Life – by J. Armstrong
2) Your Perfect Medicine by Martha Christy
3) Uropathy-is-a-Divine-Therapy
4) Urine analysis Urotherapy Ayurveda Diagnosis – volume 2 – Dr Vasant Lad

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