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Ketogenic Diets (High (QUALITY) fat – Low Carb)

L.B. – I’ve been talking about this for a few years. This has gotten to be a fascinating subject. It almost seems like a magic bullet to treat many diseases (Cancer, Inflammatory Diseases, Obesity, Diabetes, Heart disease, Strokes, low energy, brain fog, inability to handle Stress, Sleep Disorders etc, many brain disorders (Altzheimers, MS, seizures) and more as well as the opportunity to heal so can get many off medications (with your physician’s help).

Be skeptical BUT stay open minded & DO YOUR RESEARCH!
*See link BELOW – how to implement ketogenic diet *

What Is the Low FODMAP Diet? – by Metagenics

If you are following a low carb diet  – you are still burning carbs for fuel.
This is very different than burning fats or ketones for fuel

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Advantages of a Ketogenic Diet (from Dr. Mercola’s article below)

Weight loss

By rebalancing your body’s chemistry, weight loss and/or improved weight management becomes nearly effortless. Studies have shown a ketogenic diet can double the weight lost compared to a low-fat diet.16

Reduced inflammation

When burned for fuel, dietary fat releases far fewer ROS and secondary free radicals than sugar. Ketones are also very effective histone deacetylase inhibitors that effectively reduce inflammatory responses. In fact, many drugs are being developed to address immune related inflammatory diseases that are HDAC inhibitors.

A safer and more rational strategy is to use a ketogenic diet, as it is one of the most effective ways to drive down your inflammation level through HDAC inhibition.

Reduced cancer risk

While all cells (including cancer cells) can use glucose for fuel, cancer cells lack the metabolic flexibility to use ketones, while regular cells thrive on these fats. Once your body enters a state of nutritional ketosis, cancer cells are more susceptible to being removed by your body through a process called autophagy. A cyclical ketogenic diet is a fundamental, essential tool that needs to be integrated in the management of nearly every cancer.

Increased muscle mass

Ketones spare branched-chain amino acids, thereby promoting muscle mass.17 However, make sure to implement cyclic ketosis. Chronic ketosis may eventually result in muscle loss as your body is impairing the mTOR pathway, which is important for anabolic growth. mTOR needs to be stimulated, just not consistently, as many people do with high protein diets.

Lowered insulin levels

Keeping your insulin level low helps prevent insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes and related diseases. Research has demonstrated that diabetics who eat a low-carb ketogenic diet are able to significantly reduce their dependency on diabetes medication and may even reverse the condition.18

Lowering insulin resistance will also reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s. Recent research strengthens the link between insulin resistance and dementia even further, particularly among those with existing heart disease.19,20,21

Mental clarity

One of the first things people really notice once they start burning fat for fuel is that any former “brain fog” lifts, and they can suddenly think very clearly. As mentioned earlier, ketones are a preferred fuel for your brain; hence, the improved mental clarity.

Increased longevity

One of the reasons you can survive a long time without food is due to the process of ketosis, which spares protein breakdown.22 A fairly consistent effect seen in people on a ketogenic diet is that blood levels of leucine and other important structural proteins go up, allowing these proteins to perform a number of important signaling functions.

Ketones also mimic the life span extending properties of calorie restriction23 (fasting), which includes improved glucose metabolism; reduced inflammation; clearing out malfunctioning immune cells;24 reduced IGF-1, one of the factors that regulate growth pathways and growth genes and is a major player in accelerated aging; cellular/intracellular regeneration and rejuvenation (autophagy and mitophagy).25

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Ketogenic Diet – Dr. David Perlmutter (Neurologist & world specialist in preventing brain disorders)


Science and Research
Ketogenic Diet Study Confirms Massive Anti-Inflammatory Effects
Dr. Joseph Mercola DO, October 6, 2017

  • A University of California study found that following a ketogenic diet might be the key to reducing damaging brain inflammation, especially after stroke and brain trauma
  • Beyond lowering brain inflammation, a ketogenic diet is beneficial for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia and epilepsy, to name several
  • As you age, inflammation may be a reminder that eating well, implementing a ketogenic diet and exercising regularly will help alleviate and even prevent pain********************************************

Large-Scale Study Proves High-Fat Diet Promotes Health and Longevity
Dr. Joseph Mercola DO
– September 11, 2017

  • Mitochondria — the energy factories in your cells — generate (ATP), the energy your body needs to run its systems. Mitochondria are also responsible for cell death, and help regulate your genetic expression. Hence, the state of your mitochondria plays a key role in health and disease. Once your mitochondria become damaged your energy reserves decrease, leading to a wide variety of symptoms, some of the most common being fatigue, and leaving you increasingly vulnerable to degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and neurodegenerative decay.
  • High intakes of healthy fats — especially saturated fats — boost health and longevity. Those who got 35 percent of daily calories from healthy fats were 23 percent less likely to die during the seven-year follow-up than those who only got 10 percent of calories from fat
  • People who got 77 percent of daily calories from carbohydrates were 28 percent more likely to die during the study than those who got 46 percent of calories from carbs
  • Other recent research shows a reduced-sugar diet can lower liver fat by more than 20 percent in just nine days ********************************************

Multiday Fasting Gaining Popularity as a Powerful Biohack for Health and Longevity
Dr. Joseph Mercola DO – 
Sept 18, 2017 – Great short videos on this article

Dr Jill C. Carnahan is a well established functional medicine doc who helped me with insight to my mold and environmental illness this past year. She sites and reviews this giant study but I have not been able to get to the entire study.

Huge News: Low Fat Diets Increase Risk of Death, Study Says –
by Jill Carnahan, MD

This GIANT study published in Lancet (premier scientific journal) –
The PURE study followed 135,000 people from 18 countries
 over 7 years.

Some of the findings were:
– this study found “saturated fat in moderation actually appears good for you.”
– Replacing saturated-fatty-acid intake with carbohydrates had an adverse effect on blood lipids.

Sugar Industry Hid Study Linking Sugar to Heart Disease and Cancer 
Click this link – how to implement ketogenic diet


Cancer and OTHER DISEASES and ketogenic diets
The Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet and Its Role in Cancer Treatment  
by Dr Joe Mercola DO (Interviewing Prof. Thomas  Seyfried –                                         author of cancer as a Metabolic Disease)

The Ketogenic Diet for the Treatment of Malignant Glioma
Eric C. Woolf and Adrienne C. Scheck

Starving cancer: Dominic D’Agostino at TEDxTampaBay

Ketogenic Diets and Brain Disorders
(ADD / ADHD, MS, Bipolar, Alzheimer’s)

Ketogenic Diet Often Better Than Drugs for the Treatment of Epilepsy 

by Dr Joe Mercola DO

Low Carb Paleo and Ketogenic Diets Prevent Alzheimer’s, ADHD –                         By Samantha Chang

Dr. David Perlmutter (well respected neurologist and brain behavior expert) says we can ward off — and in some instances reverse — Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, and ADHD by following a gluten-free, low-carb, high-fat diet like the Paleo or ketogenic diet. The beauty of this is that our brain (and body) health is entirely in our hands.

Dementia should not be something we accept as a natural consequence of getting older. According to Perlmutter, a high-carb diet fuels blood-sugar surges, which cause inflammation, which in turn has a catastrophic impact on brain cells and the entire body.

Dr Oz Interviews Dr David Perlmutter
(Neurologist & world specialist in preventing brain disorders)
Part 1
Part 2

Emily Deans M.D.
Your Brain on Ketones – How a high fat diet can help the brain work better
Ketogenic Diets and Bipolar Disorders Part 1
Ketogenic Diets & Bipolar Disorder Part 2  

Migraines and ketogenic diet
Dr Deb’s Brain & Body Fitness
Depression Inflammation and Ketones

Alzheimer’s Disease – What If There Was a Cure ?

Ketogenic Diet Often Better Than Drugs for the Treatment of Epilepsy by Dr Joe Mercola DO

Multiple Sclerosis

Can Low Carb, High Fat Ketogenic Diets Improve MS And Other Neurological Disease Symptoms? – story about Dr. Terry Wahls prof. of medicine where she teaches internal medicine residents in primary care clinics, in addition to being a physician Dr. Wahls is also a multiple sclerosis (MS) patient, and discussed how she turned around fro almost being bedridden to fully functional using ketogenic / paleo diet

The Therapeutic Potential of the Ketogenic Diet
in Treating Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
Mithu Storoni and Gordon T. Plant (Multiple Sclerosis International)

Ketogenic diets and SIBO
(Small Intestinal bacterial Overgrowth)
The Main Idea: Ketogenic Healing and a No-Bloat Food List for Meaningful SIBO Reduction – Diana Allen

The Ketogenic diet for IBS – Angela(Digestive health coach)

See the article in athletes (below)
The Ketogenic Diet and Athletes:
An Interview with Ben Greenfield

Posted by Ben is a superb athlete who is an ex-bodybuilder, Ir

Ketogenic Diet Often Better Than Drugs for the Treatment of Epilepsy
by Dr Joe Mercola DO
Athletes and Ketogenic Diets :

The Ketogenic Diet and Athletes: An Interview with Ben Greenfield
| Posted by Ben is a superb athlete who is an ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, and Spartan racer. He is also a coach, speaker, and author of the New York Times best seller Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health, and Life. In 2008, Ben was voted as NSCA’s personal trainer of the year, and in 2013 and was named as one of the top 100 most influential people in health and fitness.

Ben Greenfield conducted extensive tests on himself to prove that it is possible to be a fat burning athlete, and that being a high carb athlete should be a thing of the past. Ben’s analysis was very detailed and impressive: he had blood work, biopsies, urine and stool samples taken before the study began. He then walked on the treadmill for 3 hours and retook the blood work, biopsies the urine, and the stool samples, then analyzed the data. He was training for an Ironman triathlon at the time and wanted to go faster for longer periods without experiencing the deleterious effects that chronically elevated blood sugar can cause. He also wanted to avoid the potentially unsettling effects that carbohydrates fermenting in your gut can cause. he needed to figure out a way to complete an Ironman triathlon without going the traditional route of fueling with gels, bars, and energy drinks.

Ironman Legend Dave Scott Shares His Nutrition Tips
(6 time Kona Ironman champ adheres to a Ketogenic diet)

The truth behind the world’s most cutting-edge, fat-burning performance meal plan: the keto diet
by Tyler Graham
TIMOTHY NOAKES, M.D., is an emeritus professor in the Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine at the University of Cape Town. He has helped some of the best-known athletes, including eight-time Ironman World Champion Paula Newby-Fraser. To high-performing athletes, Noakes preaches that the bedrock tenet of endurance athletic nutrition—that winning performance is best fueled by eating lots of carbohydrates—is simply wrong. Noakes has run upward of 70 marathons, as well as a handful of ultras and as he got older he put on some weight, and his energy sagged, but he was in good shape. Regardless, in 2010, Noakes was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. Read his journey as he learned and transitioned into a ketogenic lifestyle


Ketogenic lifestyle – How to do and transition to this healthy lifestyle

Goal of a true ketogenic diet is to maintain 25 NET carbs a day
(BIG LEARNING CURVE to learn to ready carbohydrate labels).
Heres 2 examples –
A) Marys gluten free, org, seed crackers (13 crack. -30 gm)
21 total carbs, 3 gas fiber, 0 sugar- (21-3)= 18gm net carbs
B) Doctor In Kitchen, Flackers Organic Flax Seed Crackers (6 Frackers 26 gms) Total carb 7 gms, Fiber 6 gms, 0 sugar
= 1gm Net carb

A Beginner’s Guide to the Ketogenic Diet:
An Effective Way of Optimizing Your Health
by Dr. Joe Mercola DO – Great 2 min video
Different type Ketogenic diets explained
(toward bottom) including for high level athletes)


Dr. Jason Fungs websites –

The Complete Guide to Fasting by Jason Fung
Fat for Fuel – Dr Joesph Mercola

7 Longevity Biomarkers to Track By Mark Sisson

Link to page on how to implement ketogenic diet