Surgery risk : Blood Clotting – Bleeding – Coagulation

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Between 50,000 and 200,000 people die from some kind of blood clots

Before surgery: Have your doctor run the following tests:

  • fibrinogen level
  • factor V Leiden
  • prothrombin gene mutation (G20210A)
  • PAI-1 activity (inc)
  • antithrombin activity (def)
  • protein C activity (def)
  • protein S activity (def)
  • fasting plasma homocysteine. (elevated increases clotting)

Factor 5 Leiden – most common genetic tendency to hypercoagulability is an abnormal gene; 30% of the time someone gets a blood clot it’s because they have factor 5 Leiden

Prothrombin gene mutation – 2nd most common

Estradiol – 2nd most common cause of hypercoagulability.
Woman may not have enough Prog to offset it.

Testosterone to estradiol should be ~ 1:20. (Less than 1:20 = inc. coagulability)

If tests are neg – to be safe:

BEFORE surgery (wont inc risk bleeding)
A) Curcumin BID
B) Nattokinase 100 mg BID

AFTER Surgery
A) Gingko Biloba (full dose) – helps protect the blood from excessive tendency to clot

B) Fatty acids – 2 capsules a day – contain EPA and DHA. The membranes of platelets take these up and they prevent the platelets from sticking together and forming clots.

Idea is that curcumin, gingko, and fish oil act to prevent clots. If a small clot somehow happens anyway, nattokinase should dissolve it before it can cause a problem.