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90% of disease and health challenges in my opinion are due to nutritional excesses or deficiencies, hormonal imbalance and emotional issues. Most people have issues with chronic inflammation which lead to chronic aging related health challenges and health concerns.  There is a lot one can do to stop this aging process which will add to a quality of life, greater vitality, greater vigor (emotional, mental and physical energy) and sense of well being.

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Are you aware of the fraud and corruption conducting “scientific studies” ?

There is a difference in  natural and “allopathic” medicine.

  • Allopathic medicine is geared to treat SYMPTOMS and more often than not do not correct the root cause of disease.
  • Natural medicine is geared to discover abnormal biochemical and physiological pathways
    in the body and then to correct them with the least side effects possible. See the bottom of this page for links to articles 

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Here are some questions to help get you started:

1) Have you gone through a complete cleanse and detoxification in past year ?
This is  good place to start – See –> Cleansing and Detoxification.

CRITICAL – download and share this handout on reading labels for GMO’s
(My hunch is you are you’re still consuming GMO’s massively.

2) Are you using a cell phone (or constantly around one),
using a COMPUTER (A LOT) , a cordless phone, microwave ?

See –> Is your Cell phone safe? 
Get INEXPENSIVE grounding technology to protect you.

3) What are you using for daily supplements?
Are you using digestive enzymes, probiotics,  or HCL with your meals?
See –> Daily Healthy – Digestive Enzymes, and Hydrochloric Acid and Probiotics

4) How aware are you in the toxicity of cosmetics? There are 10,000 ingredients we use in the kitchen bathroom, bedroom, yard, & laundry room.  Are you aware only 11% have been tested for safety? and 50% of these ingredients are linked to cancer? See cosmetic toxicity
(under Environmental Health)

5) Are you still getting flu shots and thinking vaccine are safe for you & your family??  (See vaccine (un)safety
Still unclear watch the documentary “Bought” (I was interviewed)

6) Weight loss – Contact me for specific information or help with SAFE weight loss. lesberenson@yahoo.com  

7) Are you interested in anti-aging principles to help you restore
your vitality, energy and balance to daily living and help this continue
for many years, while everyone else is developing chronic diseases and “wearing out” ? (See hormonal balance (under Daily Lifestyle Principles)

8) Emotional Health Tips – we’re all too stressed & working way to hard.

9) GMOs – Are you eating mostly organic food in and out of your home  or are you aware of how much Genetically Modified Organisms food (GMO) you eat?
This is one of the most serious risks to the health of each of us.
See –> Daily Health – GMO’s (in my opinion GMOs are the biggest threat to our health I’ve seen in my ENTIRE 30 year career in wellness medicine.

Download GMO handouts Now:
Handout on reading GMO labels

10 Reasons to be Concerned About GMO Foods
How to Win a GMO Debate: 10 Facts Why GMO Food is Bad

Medical Errors / Side Effects/ Adverse Reactions

Medical Errors
Massive fraud exposed in scientific research –
Did you know that there was a shocking study published in the Public Library of Science Journal, that found“up to 72%” of scientists admitted their colleagues were engaged in “questionable research practices,” and that just over 14% of them were engaged in outright “falsification”?[1]
If that’s not bad enough, between 1977 and 1990 the FDA found scientific flaws in 10–20% of all the studies they audited.[2]
How Many Scientists Fabricate and Falsify Research? A Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis of Survey Data

Scientific Bullshit — How ‘Science’ Is Used To Deceive The Public
Study Finds That Big Pharma Completely Lied About Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) For Depression

How Many Scientists Fabricate and Falsify Research? A Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis of Survey Data – Daniele Fanelli


The content and Information from Les Berenson MD and LesBerensonMD.com is for informational purposes only , and is no way intended for medical advice or as a substitute for medical counseling, or as treatment, cure, for any disease or health condition. Nor can it be construed as such as that would be illegal. Always work with a qualified health professional, before making any changes to your diet, supplement use, prescription drug use, lifestyle or exercise activities. Please understand you assume all risks from the use, non use or misuse of this information.