Emotional Mastery – Tony Robbins


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Tony Robbins reviewing the 6 human needs –
a vital explanation of underrstand ones self, their loved ones and others.
Once you under stand this one can change (I did) and also understand
dynamics of others you may be having trouble with

Everyone has 2 primary human needs :
1) Significance
2) Love and Connection
3) Certainty
4) Variety
These last 2 needs have to be cultivated and learned
5) Personal Growth
6) Contribution to Others 

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This morning I saw a timely video from Tony Robbins one of my mentors.
Before I did Tony’s 2 year program Mastery University, I actually felt often
like Robin Williams – there for others but not really taking care of my own love & feeling it. My life changed almost immediately, my relationships especially with my parents, my Ex, my son, woman, men etc.

Tony Robbins has worked with MILLIONS of individuals in 60+ countries and
has the ability and insight to create lasting change almost immediately.
Individuals and families can gain insight and turn their lives around
within an hour of Tony’s interventions because of his knowledge, wisdom,
NLP techniques to help rewire the brain.

Here is a video of a man, his wife & his parents all quite despondent
(like many today) 
Watch what occurs within 45 min. (ABSOLUTELY worth it)

(Note : Tonys facial expressions around 30 min. to see why he does the work he does.
His sincerity and dedication to help others create breakthroughs reflects the help he received in his personal life