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Confidence vs Rejection:
My Mom once told me that she walked into a room where a couple of friends were discussing her, they didn’t know she was there.
She shook her head, smiled and walked away. ????

My Mom also told me that she had a friend who talked bad about her,
she never knew that Mom found out, Mom never mentioned it.
She smiled and walked away from this friendship. ????

She told me she had family who chose to shift her out of their life because she stood up for herself for a change. And because she stopped crossing oceans for them when they would not even help her cross a bridge. She smiled, shook her head and walked away. ????

So I asked her how she could just walk away from people that betrayed her while pretending to be her friends or family? ????

She answered that every time she came to a crossroad like that,
she had to decide who will be going forward on her journey with her.
This showed her who she cannot take along with her. ????

So she explained to me that you should never get mad at a person who betrays you, even in the name of friendship or family. Just gracefully bow out and enjoy your journey with all the new people God puts in their place. ????

– Credits goes to the unknown Author

Page dedicated to Stephen Hawking:

Top 22 Stephen Hawking Quotes and Lessons That Will Inspire You To Think Bigger and Never Get Discouraged In Life

Avoid posting your personal problems on Facebook –
You PERSONAL problems require personal solutions not social attention (from David Wolfe)

Forgive people even those who are not sorry for their actions. Holding on to anger only hurts you, not them. (from David Wolfe)

F.E.A.R has 2 meanings:
1) Forget everything and run OR
2) Face everything and rise  –

Life of Privilege explained in a $100 race
(PLEASE watch till the end)

Less than inspirational:
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