Desserts – Ice Cream, Chocolate, Coconut (healthy and nutritious)


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Healthy Desserts

Ice Cream – Popsicles

Dave Asprey has a healthy coconut “bulletproof” creamy ice cream
Raw Avalanche Ice Cream Sundae
Raw Lacuma Ice Cream

Coconut Caramel Swirl Ice Cream
Vanilla Picasso Probiotic Ice Cream

Cucumber Honeydew Popsicles
Berry Mint Ice Pops

Chocolate – Butterscotch Mousse Parfait- By Rawfully Temptin…
White Chocolate – Raspberry Cheesecake
– Rawfully Tempting
Hazelnut Nut Chocolate Crunch – Rawfully Tempting
Chocolate Fruit and Almond Bark – Rawfully Tempting

Chocolate Pecan Cookies
Spicy Mexican Chocolate Mousse
– Kevin Gianni
Golden Berry Fudge
Chocolate Covered Almonds

Coconut Desserts
Cashew Coconut Truffles
Deserts – Hazelnut Candies
– Kevin Gianni

Desserts – Hot & Cold Drinks – Misc.
Raw Gooey Cinnamon Buns – Kevin Gianni
Cinnamon Maca Bars
– David Wolfe
Sweet Balls with Tocotrienols
2 NUTRI COLADA – David Wolfe

Hot Drinks:

Lovers Day Hot Chocolate – David Wolfe
Vanilla Shilajit Latte
Reishi Cappuccino
David Wolfe New Years drink