Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer – 

Many with breast cancer can avoid aggressive treatments
New research reveals at least 80 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer can skip aggressive treatments Plus, my 4-step, natural approach to preventing DCIS in the first place
I’ve often reported that some conditions considered “precancerous” typically never lead to cancer. For years, doctors and researchers have pointed out that these frequently innocuous health issues get treated as cancer precursors—even though they don’t behave like cancer at all.

Mammography and Breast cancer

Great review article by Dr. Mercola on mammography and breast cancer
PLEASE investigate a safe alternative – Thermography.
Yes you will have to pay for it and its not easy to find but
your body is your temple – treat it as such – LB

Radiation Detox: How to Rebuild Your Health after Radiation Therapy – 

Chemotherapy Detox: How to Rebuild Your Health after Chemo By Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Introduction to Homeopathy and Cancer