Coffee – Healthy benefits (and hazards)


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Coffee lovers anyone? 
(Its a long post but its about one of our pleasures so read up and share)

I didn’t used to drink coffee (although loved coffee flavor)
because of the acidic nature of coffee and “relationship to chronic aging diseases”.

Recently I went to one of David Wolfe’s Longevity (anti-aging) conferences (been to 6 )
There were 2 presentations about coffee which astounded me –
A) the health benefits of coffee (see below)
B) the REAL reason that coffee in America is causing disease
may likely be from fungus (mycotoxin) in the processing in So. America.
Try drinking organic, mycotoxin pesticide free coffee and
see how much better you feel and enjoy coffee

Problems with coffee – 

A) The main one is the mycotoxins (fungus) that grow in the processing of the coffee beans. If a processing plant in lets say So. America has contaminated coffee with way to much mycotoxin they have several choices what to do: In Europe any coffee with a X amount of mycotoxin (or ochratoxin) would be rejected as Europe has strict standards for mycotoxin.

The US does not have standards so the contaminated coffee is “coffee dumped” here in the US causing all sorts of side effects we have been attributing to coffee and acidity – headaches, jitteriness, intestinal issues etc etc.

B) According to recent statistics, up to 250 pounds of chemical fertilizers are sprayed per acre of Conventional Coffee.
Companies say these are burned off during roasting but more likely burned INTO THE COFFEE BEANS.

*Organic coffee may be peptide free but still may contain mycotoxins*
Important to get organic coffee that is mycotoxin free (see below)

Health benefits of coffee: 
– promote brain function, memory, and energy levels
– massive source of antioxidants
– help you build muscle without exercising
– protects agains tooth bone loss (see link below)


The Definitive Guide to Coffee
by Mark Sisson (Mark’s daily Apple)
– July 27, 2016
One note of interest was a reference to study (see next link)
that showed that most of the pesticides are cleared during the production of coffee,
so in his opinion Organic coffee may not be necessary.
My note is are there other pesticides that are used that were not part of this study
and the mold (fungal) contamination is not taken into account in this study  (see below)

Effect of Household Coffee Processing on Pesticide Residues as a Means of Ensuring Consumers’ Safety. – Mekonen S1,2, Ambelu A2, Spanoghe P1.


Several individuals I follow are :
1) Dave Asprey 

His recipe is quite unique and different form David Wolfe below.
– CLA rich grass fed (unsalted butter) – remember cream is from butter
– Brain Octane – 18X concentrated cox oil (no taste)
– Bulletproof coffee

2) David Wolfe whom I post a lot of information from –
who also offers organic mycotoxin free ALKALINE Coffee beans.
– dehydrated coconut creamer
– Coffee Blast (get the newer version – Brain Boosting Formula that has 5 herbs
(org Reishi, Ophiopogon root, Macuna Pruiens, Fermented GABA, Ginko Biloba)
– Stevia (non aftertaste) – butterscotch toffee

Wake Up And Bulletproof Your Coffee With Dave Asprey

Bullettproof coffee recipe card


Coffee Nutrition Facts — Good for the Brain, Heart & Liver? by Dr. Josh Axe

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