Psychedelics – or How You Can Change YOUR “Mind”


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The purpose of these pages on psychedelics are to provide information on safe psychedelic practices and harm reduction to facilitate the proliferation and propagation of this knowledge. These pages do not seek to encourage or inspire it’s readers to partake in drug experiences but rather to help individuals assume the full responsibility of their own actions in an informed and consensual manner. Ingesting psychedelic compounds is never completely safe. You, the reader, assume full personal responsibility for any adverse effects of ingesting psychedelic drugs. 

Before ingesting any chemical, you are strongly advised to research it fullyBefore ingesting any chemical, you are strongly advised to research it fully and excessively as possible and consider consulting your healthcare practitioner. Consider all possible risks, weigh the pros and cons of taking it, and if you do, prepare so that the conditions are safe and comfortable.

(powerful video 
especially the story of the survivor)

Paul Stamets :
Psilocybin Mushrooms and the Mycology of Consciousness

General topics: (Many on various topics)

Drug comparison safety chart
note the very low side effect and marked safety profile for LSD, Mushrooms (Psilocybin) and MDMA (Ecstacy)

Erowid – site on psychedelics (Much information – don’t get lost)

Michael Pollan –
Exploring The New Science of Psychedelics –
Interview by Tim Ferriss

Psychedelic Medicine : From Tradition to Science
Researchers in neuroscience, psychiatry, and clinical practice join other leaders in psychedelic medicine to discuss this rapidly emerging field. Schedule Lecture: The Therapeutic Mechanisms of Psychedelic Medicine by Robin Carhart-Harris, PhD Panel Discussion: Michael Pollan
Rick Doblin, PhD Anja Loizaga-Velder, PhD Robin Carhart-Harris, PhD Matthew Johnson, PhD Franklin King, MD

Tim Ferriss 

The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide – Risks, Micro-Dosing, Ibogaine, and More

Tim Ferriss: Depression, Psychedelics, and Emotional Resilience – Interview with Peter Attia


** Psilocybin – various links


Paul Stamet’s –
Psilocybin / Niacin/Lion’s Mane Protocol:
Good News, It Works!

Jpeg of Stamet’s protocol:
Stamet’s comments. Stamets believes that the optimal microdoesing regimen is 5 days on 2 days off (to avoid psilocybin tolerance), and the optimal lion’s mane dose is daily (based on Host Defense product recommendations). Optimal niacin dosage, should be high but not daily due to the possibility of tolerance destroying the flush effect and the risk of side effects. 3–5 days per week seems reasonable. Finally, lion’s mane and the microdose can be taken in at the convenience of the “NPLS”er and the niacin should be taken ten minutes later, so that the flush coincides with the effects of the other two substances. In my opinion the above and its variations, can safely be called the Stamets NPLS protocol.

Psilocybin Mushrooms & the Mycology of Consciousness

Paul Stamets tell Joe Rogan about Lions Mane Mushrooms and Niacin

Microdosing’s Micromoment
Consuming crumb-size amounts of psychedelics — not to get high but to feel more focused and creative and present — has moved a tiny bit mainstream 


MDMA: Everything You Need to Know

Safety:  Medications and Health Conditions that Pose Considerable Risk to MDMA Users

Ayahuasca Effects, Experiences & Benefits

Stepping into the Fire (Full Ayahuasca documentary)

The Jungle Prescription – TheAuyhuascaProject
Film trailer of Dr Gabor Mate MD 

Nature of Things: Addiction Specialist (Full documentary)
Dr Gabor Maté Ventures Outside Western Medicine

Joe Rogan podcast on Auyhuasca

Ayahuasca: Shamans of the Amazon pt 2
Last word of Terence McKenna

Terence Mckenna’s Final Reflection on Self

Ayahuasca – Caution and Awareness 

This can be an amazing life changing journey but
– whom you do the ceremony with,
– the quality and type of Ayahuasca used and
– the setting is critical

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me
Before My First Ayahuasca Experience – By

How to Prepare for Your First Ayahuasca Experience

Ayahuasca: Understand the Dangers & Possible Side Effects by Annie Price, 
(on Dr Josh Axes MDs website)

The Dark Side of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca: The Dark Side and Dangers

San Pedro Cactus 

Iboga Saves: Ending the Opioid Epidemic