Mushrooms – healthy benefits & Paul Stamets

Paul Stamets – mycologist of mycologists

photo          paul-stamets-mushrooms
(Paul at Burning Man)

6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World –
Interview with Paul Stamets – Dr. Joe Mercola D.O. – June, 2008

Something Is About To Spring Up In This Forest In A Spectacular Way (2 min. amazing video)

6 ways mushrooms can save the world – TED2008 (17 min)

Paul Stamets at TEDMED 2011 (TED Talk – YouTube 11 min)

One Man Holds a PATENT That Could Crush MONSANTO and Change The World (article)

Paul Stamets – The Future is Fungi [how to save the planet] YouTube (1hr :29 min)

Paul Stamets Facebook page

Could Mushrooms Aid in the Treatment of Cancer?
by Dr. Joe Mercola D.O. – March 15, 2014

Fungus May be Causing Your Sinus Infections
by Dr. Joe Mercola D.O. 
April 07, 2004