Ozone and Nitric Oxide Therapy

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Ozone therapy (Nitric Oxide – See below)

Drs Ozone
What is ozone therapy? A simple explanation

Background, benefits, side effects, and uses
Video on ozone therapy safety:

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So, if not rectal insufflations, what do I do instead? It depends what I am treating. If it’s some form of a systemic infection, then I go for any type of intravenous ozone treatment, my favorite is DIV. It’s the simplest and one of the most effective intravenous ozone methods.

Joint pain: I recommend ozone saunas, ozone body bags, or local injections. And of course a change in diet.

Digestive issues: it depends what issues those are exactly, but drinking ozonated water, taking Oxy-powder, or vaginal insufflations can be helpful. I believe that if they’re done in a continuous fashion long enough (for at least 10 min) that they can penetrate the whole lower abdomen and help with bowel movements, bloating, pain, and other digestive problems.

Rectal insufflations have their place as well: they are a direct administration route to treat the prostate. So, they could potentially help with prostatitis, prostate cancer, or benign prostate hyperplasia.


Lyme :
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Cancer :
– by  – Jan 22, 2016 (* many patients used more than just ozone therapy and combined it with other alternative or conventional methods)

A presentation by Dr. Frank Shallenberger of resolved cancer cases from his practice:

Nitric Oxide (NO)


  • molecule of the year in 1992
  • 1998, three scientists were given a Nobel Prize for their discovery that nitric oxide is a key molecule in the cardiovascular system that helps keep blood vessels healthy and regulates blood pressure.
  • boosting levels of nitric oxide in the body may help with erectile dysfunction (ED) and possibly increase sexual arousal in general
  • you can’t take nitric oxide pills (there’s really no such thing!), but you can take supplements that contain ingredients that your body uses to produce nitric oxide.
  • can also boost your nitric oxide levels naturally by eating foods rich in nitrates (beets and leafy greens)

Health Benefits:
1) Lowers Blood Pressure
2) Decreases Blood Clot Likelihood
3) Helps Erectile Dysfunction and Boosts Sexual Arousal (for Men and Women)
4) Supports Brain Health
5) Helps Immune system
6) May Boost Bodybuilding and Athletic Performance

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