Mass Formation Psychosis or Mass Formation Social Adaptation

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Mass Formation Psychosis  or Mass Formation Social Adaptation –
what is it, how is like hypnosis, why relevant to today, prediction for the future?

This term was described by DR. MATTIAS DESMET

Mass Formation psychosis is when a large part of the society focuses its attention on the leader or series of occasions and their attention shifts on one small issue or point. Followers can be hypnotized and be led anywhere, nevertheless of data proving otherwise. A key aspect of the phenomena is that the individuals they recognized as the leaders- the ones that can clear up the problem or issue solely they will follow that leader nevertheless of any new details or information or data.

In addition to this, anybody who questions the narrative of the leaders is attacked and ignored. There are 4 key components required for an environment to experience a huge formation psychosis: absence of social bonds or breakdown of societal links, absence of sense-making (things do not make sense), free-floating psychological dissatisfaction, and free-floating anxiety. Free-floating anxiety is a common sense of uneasiness that is not linked to any specific object or particular situation.

When followers begin to participate in a strategy in order to deal with the object of anxiety, new social relationships typically emerge and individuals change from an extremely apathetic negative mental isolation and state to the exact contradictory to the highly high-level of connexion that exists.

4 Stages :

  1. Lack of social bond
  2. People experience life as meaningless or senseless 
  3. Free floating anxiety and free floating psychological discontent
  4. Free floating frustration and aggression 

Desmet explains that all four of these conditions are currently being met, putting the majority of the population in a mental state that allows them to be essentially hypnotized.


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MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS– DR. MATTIAS DESMET, DR. ROBERT MALONE, AND DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH  (1 hour with the original author Dr Desmet Mattias Desmet, PhD, of the University of Ghent, and 2 clinicians who have been on Joe Rogan with between 40-50 MILLION views)

Dr. Mattias Desmet – 4 stages Aubrey Marcus interviews Prof Mattias Desmet
1) Lack of Social Bond – Mass formation is a specific kind of group formation, and it emerges in a society when very specific conditions are met. And the most central of these conditions, the most important of these conditions, is that there should be a lot of people who experience a lack of social bond. A lot of people who feel socially isolated, and then the second condition immediately.

Stats – According to the National Survey from published in the American Sociological Review, 25% of people reported that they didn’t have a single close friend, not one; 75 million adults aged 18 to 27, comprising the millennials and generation Z, were lonelier than any other US demographic. People are interacting online with their avatars, which isn’t their true self, so they’re not creating the intimacy of vulnerability that comes from shared experience. We are suffering a crisis of lack of community and lack of peace.

2) People experience life as meaningless or senseless – research shows that when you ask people whether they think their job is meaningful, 50% of the people answered “not at all”. 50% feels that their job is not meaningful at all. A Gallup poll from 2012 polled people in 142 countries. 63% of respondents admitted to being so disengaged at work that they were sleepwalking through their work day, putting time but not passion into their work. There’s a lack of meaning and purpose in what people are doing.

3) Free floating anxiety and free floating psychological discontent – in order for mass formation to emerge, there should be a lot of what psychologists call free floating anxiety and free floating psychological discontent. If people feel socially isolated and if they feel that their life has no meaning, then they are confronted with a kind of anxiety that is free floating. (as opposed to seeing a lion producing anxiety as its clear what occurring). That means that it is not connected to a mental representation and with a lot of psychological discontent that is not connected with a mental representation. We see very striking things, namely, that, for instance, in a country such as Belgium, each year, 300 million doses of antidepressants are used in a population of about 11 million. And then we are talking only about antidepressants. There are also antipsychotics and sleeping pills. World Health Organization says that one in five people actually have anxiety disorders. So they actually not only have anxiety, but they qualify as having anxiety disorders, which is over 300 million people. 

4) Free floating frustration and aggression  – following from the other conditions, people feel frustrated and feeling aggressive without also really knowing what the cause of the frustration and aggression is.

If these four conditions are fulfilled in society,
then the population is in a mental state
in which something very specific can happen.

Meaning that, if under these conditions a narrative, a story is distributed through the mass media, indicating an object of anxiety, and at the same time providing a strategy to deal with this object of anxiety, then the following happens or might happen. All the free floating anxiety, free floating anxiety, which is extremely painful because it always threatens to turn into panic. This free floating anxiety is attached to the narrative. There is a huge willingness to participate in the strategy to deal with this object of anxiety because in this way, people feel that they can control their anxiety and their psychological discontent better. People suddenly feel connected again in a heroic struggle with the object of anxiety. So a new kind of solidarity, a new kind of social bond and a new kind of meaning making sense, making emerges in society. That’s the reason why people follow the narrative, why people buy into the narrative and why they are willing to participate in this strategy, even if it is utterly absurd. The reason why they follow it has nothing to do with the fact that it is correct or accurate or scientific. People are social beings and being socially isolated is really painful. And through the process of mass formation they switch from the very negative state of social isolation to the opposite state of maximal connectedness,

Mass formation is a kind of hypnosis.
Attention is focused on this very small part of reality that is indicated by the story.
Just like in hypnosis, people are not aware of everything
that happens mentally outside of this small focus of attention.
The attention is focused on the virus, for instance, in this case,
and then people are not aware that they lose
their psychological health or their physical health.
Or they lose their wealth, their material well being, and so on.
That’s one of the most problematic aspects of the phenomenon of mass formation.

Aristocracy in the Soviet Union and the Jews in Nazi Germany – Suddenly a totalitarian regime took advantage of this mass formation and started one of the most cruel episodes in modern history. We project that on someone like Stalin, like, oh, yeah, he just did this. It was all him. But no, he just took advantage of a deep psychological process that was supported. People were cheering him on all the way up to the point where he killed millions and millions of people. And then they were like, oh, shit. What did we do? But that was like, a little bit late. Everybody becomes equally “stupid” in a mass, and it doesn’t matter how smart or how intelligent they were before they lose all capacity for critical thinking. They lose all individual characteristics because they are really absorbed in this process of mass formation.

It’s become the pandemic of the vaccine.
And then they’re killers. They’re domestic terrorists.
That’s actually a word that mainstream media has been using.
The advantage of the state in this case
is that they control the mainstream media narrative. 
There’s a clip that I saw recently of dozens and dozens
of newscasters from different all Fox News and ABC and CBS and CNN.
They were all reading the exact same script.

There’s a centralization of the narrative.

There’s also the silencing of the contrary narrative,
which is coming through social media.
We’re seeing is we’re seeing censorship of dissident voices,
and we’re seeing the collaboration on the single narrative
that’s being pushed out to the mainstream. 
Doctors are being censored from giving their opinion. – Why?
When in history has that ever happened?
That’s not science. It’s not the scientific method.