Plastics toxicity (contd.)


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1) Plastics:

Recently at my Environmental Health Medical Conference in Phoenix – my biggest take away was to DRAMATICALLY change my personal plastic health because of the severity for plastics in my and everyone else body. My toxicology profile (urine) shows styrenes and plastics at a high level.

Toxicity I will start with this article discussing the toxicity of even the newer PFOA free plastic pans. I switched back to cast iron and stainless after the conference.
Click on this link to read this article.
It’s Settled. Pretty Much All Nonstick Pans & Cookware are Toxic But We Have Suggestions!

People will soon be consuming plastic when they eat seafood unless we ALL TAKE ACTION.

Infographic: How the Oil Industry Is Pushing Plastic
The fracking boom is flooding the world with Ziploc bags, ketchup packets, and single-use spoons.


Ecology Center – Berkeley CA.


Grayl water bottles (stores like REI, Amazon) ~$50
Use while traveling (airports etc).
Grayl will filter water from disposable plastic bottles and offer protection against BPA, pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa, chemicals and heavy metals)

How to Store Food Without Using Toxic Plastics

Tips to Use Less Plastic

100 Steps to a Plastic-Free Life