Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting


Fasting Can Help You Live Longer – Smashing New Research
Shows How to Help Regenerate Your Own Stem Cells
by Joe Mercola DO

Dr. Mercola presenting on Intermittent Fasting.
It was at the same Longevity Conference
I heard both Dr. Mercola and Dave Asprey talk about these topics.

When coupled with the intermittent fasting Bulletproof program below , I feel we are not something. This the program i’ve been on last few week and its pretty exciting.

I’ll summarize points about the Bulletproof program below

Dave Asprey – has “biohacked” his way to learn and now share
his Bulletproof anti-inflammatory program for hunger – free
rapid weight loss and peak performance.

I will post comments, ideas, and concept from his new book

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Daves program revolved around his Bulletproof coffee. (see…..)
This special coffee is mixed with a special concentrated Coconut oil and grass fed (unsalted) butter (Kerry’s Gold is the best).
The results are amazing.


When used by itself in the morning:
There is no hunger for 5-6 hours!!!

People lose fat gain muscle


This special blend allows one to go into intermittent ketosis,
which shuts off hunger,  and when in fat burning mode one has:
– fewer energy crashes and brain fog
– increased stamina
– greater focus

Ketosis done too long has side effects – constipation, low body temperature, bad breath, and adrenal fatigue

Bulletproof intermittent fasting is 6 hours – eating for 2 PM –> 8 PM (18 hour fast)
Believe with the special Bulletproof coffee you are NOT hungry.
(Less than 15 hours the benefits are gone).


– Once in maintenance if want something in addition to Bulletproof coffee best to eat combination of protein and fat (i.e. eggs, smoked salmon, avocado)
– Protein WITHOUT fat will lead to food cravings
-Protein or carbohydrates in morning will kick in digestion , end the “fast”. Your liver will want fuel to digest the protein so will get a food craving few hours later.
– Eating FAT AND PROTEIN  will prevent this by giving body energy to break down protein.
-Eating carbs in morning takes one out of ketosis and will set you up for energy spike
and crash and food cravings throughout the day

TEST YOURSELF (have for breakfast) :
A) Use Bulletproof coffee (instead of breakfast) – see how long until desire food (5-6 hrs)
B) Have protein with Bulletproof coffee and see how long (4-5 hours)
C) Eat high protein LOW FAT breakfast (with or without veg.) –> shorter time til hunger
D) Bagel with low fat spread or bowl cereal & fat free milk. –> usually 2-3 hrs until hunger

– A) Woman, B) heavily muscled athletes, or C) those with A LOT weigh to lose
will benefit with some protein along with coffee first 60 days
(helps reset leptin – shuts down hunger).
Can use Bulletproof collagen protein (from grass fed cows) right in coffee.