Endocrine Disruption


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Endocrine disruptor cause much disease (cancers, autoimmune disorders etc) and lurk in our food, WATER, food packaging, household cleaners, beauty products, and even in our furniture and dust.

What are endocrine disruptors? – by Environmental Working Group
Top 10 Endocrine Disruptors:
BPA Lead
Dioxin Arsenic
Atrazine Mercury
Phthalates (90% cosmetics) PFAS (cookware)
Perchlorate Organophosphate Pesticides
Fire retardants Glycol Ethers

Things to do to AVOID Endocrine Disruptors :
1) Don’t buy clothes or furnishings with FLAME retardants or water resistant clothing
2) Dust frequently and use a vacuum with HEPA filter (chemicals settle into dust – i.e. mold, phthalates)
3) Steer clear of plastic wrap and canned foods (BPA)
4) Avoid nonstick cookware & utensils
(Best stainless & cast iron)