Turbo Cancers from V A X (modified 9-28-23)

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with Dr.William Makis
interview by Dell Bigtree on the Highwire 9-22-23


Canadian physician with expertise in Radiology, Oncology and Immunology. Governor General’s Medal, University of Toronto Scholar. Chief of Oncology at Wellness Company Canada.  Author of 100+ peer-reviewed medical publications. He has diagnosed 20,000 cancer patients in his career.

He ran one of the largest Targeted Radionuclide Therapy Cancer Clinics in North America.. His research was involved in delivering radiation to specific cancer cells and leaving normal tissue or cells alone. It was a large program with several hundred cancer patients under his care. He was healing 85-90% of end stage cancers like end stage prostate and breast cancer and the Canadian gov’t  didn’t like what he was doing and shut his program down, came after his medical license and the Canadian gov’t is building this program in B.C. Canada, completely under federal gov’t control. (The Canadian gov’t ran off with his patents, and research).

Turbo cancers – cancers that are aggressive, grow rapidly and present at a late stage.  Often these cancer don’t cause symptoms, and present when the cancers are quite large already (stage 3 or 4). They can be 10-20 cm and oncologists don’t know what to do with these large late cancers. These cancers are growing so quickly that when a surgeon operates they then find the tumor has already spread (when normally would have been contained).

Its showing up in young people (in 20’s). Youngest case he has seen was 12 yr old, who had one Moderna vaccine and developed stage 4 brain cancer. These young people either don’t feel symptoms or ignore the symptoms (as minor aches and pains) and not likely to get a major illness. Also occurring in pregnant woman.

Oncologists are not used to seeing stage 3 and 4 breast or colon cancers in woman in 20’s and 30’s. – lymphomas, brain cancers, breast colon, prostate, lung cancers, leukemias (can kill in matter of hours or days). He says oncologists are not talking about it. He points out doctors are being persecuted for speaking up.

Dr. Makis first noticed this pattern when doctors and nurses were mandated to get the covid injection or they would be out of work. The doctors who abided started to die suddenly. He then noticed this in professions that were mandated (nurses, teachers, police officers, firefighters, military, flight personal where these turbo cancers exploded.

We are seeing rise in all cause mortality :

LB editorialEd Dowds’ team look at 9 major life insurance companies (Prudential, Met Life etc) and all 9 had a massive rise in mortality of 25-50% in 2021 (year of covid injection) compared to the previous 4 years. (2020 was the year of Covid deaths). Scot Davidson the CEO of OneAmerica said a 1 in 200 year calamity (like Katrina) would yield a 10% increase in mortality, not 25-50%.

Good news : that 5-6% of Canadians have taken booster last 6 months.
Bad news : His concern is there is going to be a long term issue as these cancers get diagnosed. Until we have a mechanism of why they occur, oncologists have ZERO ability to treat these patients.

These turbo cancers are RESTANT
TO conventional treatment.

First Turbo cancer published :
(To show how fast these cancers are developing).
Here is one of the first that was scientifically reported. 66 yr old man with 2 Pfizer shots and 5 months later developed this lymphoma. The doctors didn’t make the connection and gave him the booster to protect him during the chemotherapy. The black dots on left is the cancer discovered then when the vaccine booster was given and a repeat scan 8 DAYS AFTER THE BOOSER showing the massive spread. Dr Makis says the cancer should have taken many years much less months to spread.

Dr Makis says the more shots one gets
the more compromised your immune system and
greater risk to develop cancer.

Mechanism  – (speculated) – modification of mRNA pseudo uridine inserted into the mRNA, which dampens the innate immune system, and the toll like receptors that affects the immune system downstream. One downstream effect is damage cancer surveillance which leads to someone developing a very aggressive cancer.  Its’ the immune system that keeps the cancers in check.

There’s always the risk of integration of mRNA into our genome so reverse transcription.
Recent findings of DNA contamination in the Moderna and Pfizer vials. Its harder for mRNA to get integrated into our genome and much easier for DNA. It arises out of Moderna and Pfizer mass producing these vaccines. This DNA can be picked up by out gut bacteria.

Dr. Phillip Buckhaults PhD – Molecular Biologist and cancer geneticist –
Pfizer vaccine is contaminated with plasmid DNA, it’s not just mRNA. This DNA was used as the template for the invitro transcription reaction. Dr Buckhaults had many vials in Charleston SC and did the DNA sequencing and found DNA in vials that should not be there. The consequences are quite alarming.

Kevin McKernan
– CSO and founder of Medicinal Genomics , Former team leader of R&D on the Human Genome project, over 57,000 scientific citations  –
Kevin reported up to 30% contamination with DNA (not  small amount).
Kevin McKernan discovered that there is Sv40 oncogenic promoter virus in the DNA contamination in the vaccines (causes cancer). (This was put into the polio vaccines)

Dr Makris – Kevin reported up to 30% contamination with DNA (not  small amount). This DNA can be picked up by out gut bacteria and these bacteria can be producing spike protein. They told us it would stay in the arm and immediately goes throughout the whole body so the basis for the vaccine injuries.

Another mechanism to cause turbo cancers – Antibody shift – Our immune system
if getting repeatedly exposed to the same antigen, then the body starts to produce a different type antibody IgG-4 that gives us tolerance so it gives up fighting anymore.

  • If one got 2 shots –> one produces some of this new antibody IgG-4.
  • If got 3rd shot (booster) IgG-4 increased 500X and the immune system was overwhelmed (going from .04% of antibodies to 20% of the antibodies that are being produced, shifting the immune system completely

One is now not producing IgG-1 and IgG-3 anymore, the antibodies that handle the viral infections as well as cancer surveillance. So one is then more infected with Covid 19, but also influenza