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Safer brand of Nicotine (without all the additives) is Lucy Gum

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Nicotine Receptor – published paper

The body has nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in all of our nerves, primarily in our brain that controls all of our senses of hearing, taste, smell, sight, touch. Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors are inhibited by the venoms or these spike proteins, if you want to call it that, with COVID / mRNA injections.There was some protective measurement from nicotine, and I would continue to promote that, that people should consider nicotine with long hauler COVID symptoms, loss of taste and smell, brain fog, tinnitus, vertigo, deafness. All of these are side effects of those venom peptides or spike proteins.

Less than 2% of smokers worldwide were hospitalized for COVID-19 or died. It’s actually one of the lowest demographics of any kind in the world for a specific demographic of individuals. Nicotine is so beneficial at helping the body improve from long haulers COVID symptoms. I cannot tell you how miraculous it is to have medical doctors around the world, texting me and emailing me that they’re long haulers COVID symptoms. Even their oxygen levels that they can’t get up above 94 for a year, the moment they started chewing nicotine within 15 to 45 minutes, multiple people around the world, including medical professionals have told me their oxygen level for the first time since getting COVID the first time, went up to 96, 98, just within 15 to 45 minutes of actually chewing it.

Nicotine has been reported back to me, in every single interview I’ve done, that there are individuals who have actually restored all of their sense of taste and smell. Hearing, tinnitus has disappeared since they started chewing nicotine, it only took a few days. Bryan Ardis wife lost her taste and smell with long Covid as well as tinnitus and tried many different regimens. She tried Nicorette Gum and within 3 days taste and smell returned and tinnitus disappeared.

When you use the nicotine, the body’s nicotinic acetylcholine receptors are releasing whatever’s bound to them. Depending on how much toxins or venoms or spike proteins are attached to those receptors, some people have more than others of these toxicities in their body. The nicotine will travel through your bloodstream to your liver and then into your small intestine. Any poisons, toxins, venoms that get into your small intestine or large intestine will make you feel nauseous.

Recommended trial: If 2 mgs of nicotine is too intense of a release of toxins, I would suggest on the next dose, the moment you feel the nausea, spit it out.
The next day, try just half of the 2 milligrams, bite it in half and do 1 milligram.
See if the same thing happens. Reduce the dose of nicotine so there’s less poisons / toxins being released from the nervous system. You shouldn’t have the same amount of nausea, dizziness, vertigo.

Remember too, nicotine can be a stimulant, you can see an increase in heart rate and an increase of blood flow  little bit dizzy, a little bit vertigo, just reduce the dose.

Once that happens outside of that and having just to reduce the dose, you don’t want to stop the nicotine, just reduce the dose and just do a little bit at a time and release little bits of venoms and poisons at a time and let your body eliminate it. You won’t be nauseous. Just reduce the dose. You can work up to the dose of 1 milligram or 2-milligram tablets over a 2-week period, if you need to, but just do it slowly. I’ve had to do this with detoxing agents for years with patients.

About 10% of all people worldwide who are hypersensitive to stimulants like alcohol, caffeine, even. These are those people you’ll meet that have like half a glass of wine and they’re drunk or they take just one sip of a Coke and they’re running all over the place. If you know you are sensitive, doesn’t take much for you to feel their effects, please just do a smaller dose.

Take 1 milligram or a quarter of a gum, of nicotine gum. You can also use patches. So, you can actually manipulate those too. You’re either gonna do gum or the agents of patches that are nicotine agents. If you do a patch and you do a whole patch and just wear it one a day and you start feeling nauseous after an hour or two, you might just want to cut the patch in half and only do half. Or then, cut it down to a quarter and just wear a quarter of one.

Nicotine only binds to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors that control respiration, hearts rhythm, and of course, chronic fatigue could be implicated there. The heart is responsible for pumping oxygen throughout your bloodstream to keep your oxygen levels up. Lower the oxygen, the more fatigue.

Conotoxins, for example, they found 15 different marine snail venom toxins inside of COVID-19 patients in that Italy study. It was a combination in the blood, urine and feces of 20 different snake venoms, 16 different shellfish venoms, 15 of which were conotoxin snail venoms. And in that Department of Justice article you’re talking about, everyone needs to be aware that they printed and published, as you showed me in 2012, it’s still there on their actual website. That Conotoxin – can find it on

So you can find that article, read the article they talk about. This is actually- They have enough conotoxin synthetically made, manufactured for decades since 1979 I’m aware of. Conotoxins – they actually stated in the Department of Justice’s website that that actual substance, conotoxin, can be used by bioterrorists to aerosolize and target large populated areas. By releasing this conotoxin in the air, you can breathe it in, it’ll have the same detrimental effects as if you injected it into your body. Which is affecting sodium, potassium channels, ion channels in the brain that allow you to communicate with the nerves one to another. Which is why you see so much brain fog with COVID and with the post shot injuries. The whole thing is a massive attempt to envenomate the world.

We have evidence of melatonin hormone supplement being inhibitory to venoms and blocking venom’s ability to create neurotoxicity, blood toxicity, aggregation of platelets that’s called coagulation or blood clotting. When these platelets in the blood will stick together as a side effect of venoms, they have found that Vitamin C by itself is inhibitory to the blood clotting cascade caused by snake venom and shellfish venom. They have also found that NAC, N-acetyl cysteine, in N-acetyl cysteine, can block that blood clotting cascade, even from venoms. So does licorice root, which is phenomenal. So does Mucuna pruriens

They also found in the early 2000’s that Hydroxychloroquine, quinine, chloroquine were all inhibitory also to venoms of specific vipers and elapids, which are different types of snakes, which include the king cobra, coral snakes, krait snakes. Ivermectin binds to what are called alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the brainstem that control breathing. if Ivermectin binds to these nicotine receptors in the brainstem called nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, if it binds there at a higher affinity, which it does, to these venoms of kraits and Chinese king cobra venoms, cobra toxin, bungarotoxin. That’s probably why Ivermectin is so effective at stopping the disease process almost immediately. The body has a higher affinity at those locations in the body, particularly the

brain, heart, kidneys, and bowels. It binds to nicotine with the highest affinity and then also binds to Ivermectin in order, nicotine, Ivermectin over the venoms and the body can let go of the venoms. even on the NIH’s website right now. They’ve got a research publication titled “Long-Term Side Effects of Envenomation from Snake Bites”. And it explains in there anosmia—the loss of taste and smell or a loss of smell can last for over a year. And loss of taste can be for over a year also. So the goal is to get the venoms off the sensory nerves which control hearing, thought, taste, smell. You want to get the venom unattached because it paralyzes those senses. And nicotine for some reason is having an amazing ability to immediately restore those senses back in place. If you stop the nicotine though, people have found within a several day period, a lot of them will start to get their loss of taste and smell starts to return.

I would use nicotine and melatonin hormone supplement, NAC, and selenium to get the venom off of your nerve tissue and bind something else to those receptors so you can restore your sense of taste, smell, thought, perception, memory, get rid of your hearing loss and get rid of your tinnitus, which is a very common side effect of COVID-19 symptoms.

Judy Mikovits PhD – syncytin which is a venom peptide; SURAMIN an antidote for snake venom?”