Washington Civil Rights Council – Mandate information for Washington State

Washington Civil Rights Council –
Lawyer : L. Ewing


  1. Download the Constructive Notice shown below to inform your employer:
  • Authorities cannot delegate powers to your employer that they do not have themselves.
  • Coerced compliance with medical procedures violates the doctrine of Informed Consent and equates to assault in the eyes of the law.
  • Vaccine manufacturers and government have pushed all legal risk onto employers. Business owners are NOT protected. They can face lawsuits for damages.

     Constructive Notice Summary : Download an easy to read companion to our Legal Notice

Statement of Declination :
If your employer is mandating vaccination, you do not need their permission to opt out.
We are still a free country and you can turn this statement.

Employer Conversation Sample – see website for audio

Peggy halls website: www.TheHealthyAmerican.org

HOW TO SAY NO TO THE NEEDLE” – 25 FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW By Peggy Hall www.TheHealthyAmerican.org



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Here are 2 examples:
1 ) Do I have to fill out the form at work asking about my vaccination status?
Isn’t that a violation of HIPAA?
Ask your boss what the result would be if you “declined to state.” Do you have an employment agreement in place authorizing your boss to ask you for your medical information? Their asking you is not a violation of HIPAA (that has to do with your health insurance company giving out your medical information) but it is a violation of your right to privacy, protected by the Constitution. If I were asked about my vaccine status, I would say:

“I’m fully immunized.” (That means my immune system is working fine.)

2) What do I have to prove in order to get my religious exemption?
The law states that you have to express your sincerely-held religious belief. You do not have to prove that you attend church (or mosque or temple). You need to clearly explain why the vaccine (and mask and testing if you are claiming it) violates your sincerely-held religious belief. You need to say exactly why you can’t participate in these actions and also what the accommodation is that you are seeking. Is it to work from home? Have your own office?

Notes from Washington Civil Rights Council meeting 8-30-21

Louis Ewing – licensed federal lawyer, licensed by courts not the bar; started practicing with
Fed Tribal courts, now specialized in criminal and civil rights law. (called the “codebreaker”)
90% win rate at trial or pretrial

RCW law is Wa. State code (EACH STATE has their own codes so search for them)

Download the Constructive Notice  

How to change the public perspective (elephant in room).
Public perspective of all these mandates of Governor Inslees emergency declaration powers – not necessarily the truth, facts or the Law BUT the public perspective which happened thru the media. This is in our favor.

(DW) – it may not be the emergency declaration as much as the length of time that this is stuck and not gone away that has created this public perspective. There been no measurements no timelines, nothing clear. Governor Inslee can declare an emergency.
He has the power to wave or the prohibit law during an emergency.(PERIOD).
He cannot mandate a vaccination. There is a little he can do around infectious disease. He can only follow the law. The legislature is the only thing that can actually create a law. There is no law on the books that allows him to bring in a medical intervention such as a vaccination

For employers or someone who applied for a license from a state board to practice a craft ie medicine and business :
Statement of Declination : If your employer is mandating vaccination, you do not need their permission to opt out.  We are still a free country and you can turn this statement.

We’ve been told that if we didn’t follow these mandates that our licenses or jobs could be threatened / fined. Question – can anyone be threatened legally? When we applied for a license to practice medicine, massage therapy, or a business did you sign a contract? If we can go back and find that contract look for words that we need to take a medical product to keep this contract (doubt its there). Same for employees. If the state boards that provide these licenses demand that these mandates be carried out, is this retroactively trying to get us to amend that contract without doing it in a legal matter? Isn’t this criminalizing something that we never signed onto?

Does this make them in breach of contract?

If thousands of business owners wrote back to these licensing boards or L & I – or   (    ….)

  • Prove to us where in the contract it says we need to do this.
  • Give us in writing, you’ll handle any of the liability of damages that occur to our employees if they take this vaccine.

 Questions to write to these licensing boards or L & I : DOCUMENT EVERYTHING

This makes them prove to you that they’re not breaking the law by you quoting the law.
Most likely these are not licensed Attys or Drs. and can’t offer any legal medical or legal advice. If they do so it is breaking a very specific law

  • Can you tell me your full name and employee number and badge number
  • Can you please send me everything that your department requires in writing to my address (in writing on paper)
  • Can you please tell me names of all the people that advised you to inform me that I am to inform my employees that they are required to be vaccinated, or terminated.
  • Are you a licensed attorney and able to practice law?
  • Are you a licensed Dr and able to practice medicine?
  • Can you please provide me the specific RCW code that provides that I could not be charged with an authorized practice of law if I do it.

Louis is writing 2 more letters (one with teeth) to L & I.


Statement of Declination : If your employer is mandating vaccination, you do not need their permission to opt out.  We are still a free country and you can turn this statement.

Realize your employer is on the hook. If your employer is motivated by fear, losing their license, or a fine, what they really should be motivated by is their savvy employees suing them, as they will be breaking the law on many accounts. We need to get this message out fast and wide as media will attempt to suppress it.

                                                  Laws (liabilities they have):


Separation of Powers – RCW 43.06.220

The executive branch cannot write laws, only the legislature can, and they are not active during this emergency. Whenever we’ve had a mandate for mask, vaccines whatever we’ve never heard any RCW associated with it as there is no law attached to it.

2) Practicing without a License

Non Delegation Doctrine – If you don’t have the power to do something THEN you don’t have the power to delegate it to someone else. (i.e. – like state boards, Chief Medical Officer). WA governor Inslee and Chief Medical Officer Dr Kathy Lofy, neither of which have the power to issue law CANNOT give the power to the Employers to Mandate, Require, Order a unapproved experimental vaccination as a condition of employment.  (If this was not a state of emergency – this is more cut / dry). Since he never stopped the state of emergency .

RCW 18.130.190 – Governor Inslee is giving medical advice and dictating medical orders which is practicing medicine without a license. Employer who gives you Medical Advice is subject to being charged with and prosecuted for “practicing medicine without a license

RCW 2.48.180 – Employer who gives you False Legal Advice is subject to being charged with and prosecuted for “unauthorized practice of law”. If Governor Inslee talks about what’s going to legally happen if one does not get the vaccine – then he’s giving legal advice. These officials know this so they want to get rid of the burden so will be transferring burden to employers. (Inslee is an attorney but he is delegating power he does not have.)

Governor Inslee and other governors are passing it down
to employers feeling they are too busy to notice,
and too scared to know the law to fight back.

If an employer mandates a vaccine, (practicing medicine without a license) they can be charged for coercion (giving rewards – tickets, coffee, food even pot).
Coercion can constitute assault and battery

  • Doctrine of Informed Consent RCW 7.70.050
    Applies in emergency and not (regular time period)

    INFORMED CONSENT” which is the Mountain Size legal term that really secures our freedom to choose what we have done to our body. The two words “Informed” and “Consent” say it all. All doctors must provide informed consent before offering any medical treatment or surgery. Pharmacists even perform a kind of informed consent before they complete the sale of a prescribed drug (often this comes with the package insert).
    We also can find this in the Nuremberg Code.
    It is very established in the medical field with Informed Consent.
    The doctor has to give one the benefits as well as the dangers of a treatment.
    They also have to educate one on alternative treatments.
    Alternative treatments have been censored and suppressed in the last 1.5 years.
    They have to tell it to you in a way that you can actually understand it.

    How many people have actually heard about the insert or received one. The insert is intentionally blank. (This RCW is mirrored tightly together with the medical & legal RCW above)

What is required for “Informed Consent”

  1. Inform: Dr must inform the patient of all risks, dangers and benefits of the supposed medical treatment or surgery AND. . . . AND. . . the risks, dangers and benefits of other alternative treatments/surgeries.
  2. Consent: The doctor must get your consent (your acceptance) to move forward with the treatment/surgery. “Informed Consent” cannot be contaminated in the slightest way by coercion (Rewards and/or Punishments (physical/emotional or financial).

4) Liability for damages (NO RCW)
The WA leadership is leaving the burden of vaccine mandate enforcement to employers.

WA leadership is doing this to shrug off responsibility/liability.
Vaccine court – the vaccine makers have lobbied to have bills passed that grant them exonerated from liability, If an employee get paralyzed from a  vaccine injury, loses their baby, dies etc.
The employee can come back to employer and say the vaccine makers won’t pay my damages and turn the damages over to the employer.

  1. A) Vaccine Companies have immunity from vaccine damages.
  2. B) If employer requires their employees to get vaccinated as a condition for employment
  3. C) Workplace injury not covered by L & I insurance because it’s an experimental vaccine, leaving employers open to SERIOUS litigation. This worse case liability MUST be teased out before moving forward with co policy.

How to use this document if an employee – 4 steps:

  • Get informed – read the summary, the law (summary will make it clear)
  • Sharing the Constructive Notice with employer
    (can be done in easy low key way as they don’t know their liability)

    Help them know the difficulty they are getting into
    On website is a sample conversation audio
    can send a letter, email verifying what you talked about
    Once this notice is delivered the legal process starts
    cc (copy) everyone in company supervisors all the way up.
    Even if don’t know the person responsible just cc all the way up the chain
  • Share it widely – colleagues, friends, family

Letter of Declination (claim your sovereignty unequivocally) ***READ THIS***

You are quoting the law right back to them – with teeth!
Your letter can change words like creator to creative process or intelligent design …
(Match your spiritual beliefs).

This law they are trying to gloss over has the longest standing legal precedence in history of US.
Offering to use their form to beg for exemption is very weak compared to using this declination.
If they offer you a form to say we will give you an exemption but you must use our form – DANGER

DON’T have to use their form – there may be traps in their forms ie – So you’re against vaccines –
have you ever taken a vaccine in your life? Yes my mom gave me vaccine when I was 5)
JUST SAY I DO NOT CONSENT, don’t use their form and use this declination.