Saunas (Infrared and Near infra-red ) – Massive Detox


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Therasage SaunaBeside my basement sauna I got a portable sauna to allow detoxing while traveling i.e. months in Louisiana), as well as I can do Ozone saunas, and even IV therapy as arms are outside like the head. Therasage is an amazing company making eco-friendly products, no EMF saunas and even has Red Light photon (Near Infra red light affects mitochondria) BESIDES Far infra red spectrum for healing and maximum detoxification.
Click on link to see the details and reach out if interested as I can potentially get a discount 

Sauna benefits – my notes by Dr. Walter Crinnion ND at Environmental Health Symposium (3-2018)
Time using a sauna for detoxing depends on what the health risk is: Heart disease, hypertension, heart failure may need only 15-20 min. vs 45-60 min. if significant  toxicity exists (SEE LINKED NOTES)

The Stunning Health Benefits of Sauna Therapy by Dr Mercola DO
Interview with Dr Rhonda Patrick PhD – DETAILS of using sauna correctly

Drs. Paul Marik, Pierre Kory interview Dr Joe Mercola (FLCCC-Weekly-Updates)
– sauna treatments and Photobiomodulation (Oct 2022)
– discussion of near red light sauna therapy
Dr. Mercola’s slides can be found here

Interview with Brian Richards on NEAR Infrared Sauna therapy

  • Near-infrared saunas provide benefits you simply can’t get from a conventional sauna or even far-infrared sauna

  • Photobiomodulation (PBM) refers to the use of near-infrared light to heal and repair degenerate and damaged tissue and cells, and also optimize healthy tissue. Additionally, far-infrared has no PBM benefits

  • Near-infrared exposure produces melatonin — a potent antioxidant — in your mitochondria, where it is most needed. Near-infrared also structures the water around your cells, and penetrates several inches into your body, far deeper than far-infrared

Why Saunas Are Ridiculously Good for You  by Dr. Joseph Mercola DO

Frequent Sauna Bathing May Lower Your Risk of Heart-Related Death, and More – by Dr. Joe Mercola DO – March 13, 2015