Covid19 Handouts – Suggestions

Strategy – With today’s fear, most people have an opinion
of what’s 
going on and its EXTREMELY difficult to get one with a different opinion to be open minded to look at NEW information – agree?

If you want to get someone with a difference opinion to consider a different opinion – here is a strategy.
Many people feel they know the correct answer and have all the information.
When responding to another person about Covid19 or vaccines – If one posts (Facebook, texting , email etc) an article, video – it tends usually to create a confrontation and separation for future dialogue – agree?

The Science Checker covers most topics on Covid19, vaccines, masks, quarantines etc.but form a science referenced standpoint. Rather than post your response (article, video etc) try to take yourself out of the picture 
(I know its hard).

Try posting this link to this Science checker
ALSO add to the link – “I’d like to see how many of these questions / statements you’re aware of, so after you look, give me some feedback & lets’ share more.”
(ie non-confrontational).

Most people get their information about these topics from their friends, news etc and rarely has anyone actually looked at the scientific basis. The Science checker asks : ARE YOU AWARE ? When someone is not aware to most of this information – they’re caught off guard NOT knowing everything, and at the same time (if they are actually reading the Science Checker), while potentially learning NEW information “based on science / facts”.  

Hopefully they’re more OPEN MINDED and willing to share in a dialogue, when so much is at stake. THEN send then to Part 1, 2 – links below, (which are set up in a certain manner to cover MOST of these important topics)
or send whatever information you want to share.

Suggestion how to save website links for easy access :

I’ve been creating in my contacts on my cell – a website reference base.
On each contact is a place for a “homepage or website” (and can add additional websites). When I see a website URL I want save to share later, I copy the URL (website) and paste it on a contact (in this case the contact name is Vaccines).

On the left is a space for the type URL – such as  “home, or work” etc,
I scroll down and click “custom” and then rename that URL ie masks / quarantines.

When ever I need these links they are easy to retrieve, by pulling up that contact.

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THIS page of links to suggestions and handouts: in a new tab)

Here are handouts I’ve created to share with others (texting, social media etc)

Vaccine science questions 

Part 1

Part 2

Covid Wave 2 or (is the Pandemic OVER)? in a new tab)
Masks, quarantines, lockdown in a new tab)

Statistics and Deaths



Kennedy’s Bio

Kennedys forward in Plague of Corruption