Science Checker Questions for COVID19 6-13-20

Science Checker Questions for COVID19 – Part 1 (6-13-20)
Les Berenson MD, FACP

The following questions are designed to help you recognize your awareness
of scientific principles and research with regard to COVID19 and vaccines.
The topics discussed are linked with references and
discussed in MUCH MORE DETAIL in Parts 1,2 below.

I’m NOT expecting you to look up these references now,

preferably get the big picture if you’re not familiar and
then you can see the greater detail as you look at parts 1,2.

*** Links to Covid19 Parts 1 and 2 are at bottom ***


Are you aware:

  • Your media may suppresses stories featuring clinicians
    in the US and around the world who are having success in preventing and treating COVID19, and even having their websites shut down, inhibiting your ability to learn about these potentially life-saving resources? (more in part 2)

  • Do you trust the Pharmaceutical industry has your well-being, health and safety as a primary concern? Keep in mind the 3rd leading cause of death
    (#1 heart attacks / strokes, #2 cancer) is side effects from appropriately prescribed medications and medical errors.
  • Landmark study – Is US Health Really the Best in the World?
    Dr Barbra Standfield – JAMA 2000

    Here is the explanation – click here
    (similar data reported by Johns Hopkins

  • Are you aware of these CDC deceptions and conflict of interests:
    – Dr. William Thompson (a chief scientist at CDC), whose CDC team showed that the MMR vaccine caused autism, was directed by his Director to destroy their data? Congress is unwilling to subpoena Dr. Thompson, though he is willing to testify that the CDC has been lying to them. – Julie Geberding MD – Perhaps the most infamous example of corruption at the CDC is how the head of the CDC from 2002 to 2009, Julie Gerberding,
    left her government job to become president of Merck’s $5 billion dollar/year Vaccine Division. As Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director from
    2002-2009, Gerberding helped Merck paper over these efficacy and safety problems. In 2006 she gave Merck the CDC recommendation that made Gardasil a $5 Billion blockbuster. Gerberding did other lucrative favors for Merck…

  • Are you aware of the dangers of the PREVIOUS Corona type vaccines, or the proposed Covid19 vaccine, and
    skipping animal trials, with no placebo ?

What I share below is covered (videos, references) in the link at bottom of discussion. You may be familiar with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s work with the current COVID19 pandemic. Most have known Dr. Fauci for a few months. I’ve known of him for 40 years since medical school – but did you know that:

Feb 2017 (beginning of Trump Presidency) Fauci discussed the issue of pandemic preparedness after serving 32 years in 5 administrations. “If there’s just one message I want to leave you today that there is NO QUESTION that there will be a challenge in the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases both chronic (ongoing) infectious diseases but there’ll be a surprise outbreak. (How did he know ?)

(READ ON –> ) Over past decade (2000-2017) Fauci / NIAID had been doing “Gain of Function” research in how to make the “benign” Corona virus more virulent (deadly, work quicker etc). 
2017 – Dr. Marc Lipsitch (Harvard School of Public Health’s Communicable Disease Center) told the Times that — 

Dr. Fauci’s NIAID experiments “have given us some modest scientific knowledge and done ALMOST NOTHING to improve our preparedness for pandemic, and yet riskedcreating an accidental pandemic.”

2014 Pres. President Obama called a moratorium to stop this potentially deadly “Gain of Function” research. Somehow Dr. Fauci and colleagues got moratorium lifted in 2015 and Fauci sent $7 MILLION taxpayer money and this deadly Corona research to
Dr Zheng – Li Shi (bat researcher) at the Huwan Lab.
(Again all references, videos & papers are included at link on bottom)

If we don’t stop this paradigm – here’s what we look forward to but this time there’s no animal testing and no placebo – placebo is us humans).

In the previous Coronavirus vaccine studies (Dr. Fauci / and Fauci’s organization NIAID), which took place after the SARS pandemic (2003), the animals (ferrets) that were given the Corona vaccines developed anti-bodies and after they were re-exposed to the Corona virus they developed horrible inflammation in their bodies especially in lungs & many animals died.

This was similar to 1960 when something similar occurred with the RSV vaccine (Respiratory syncytial virus) in children. RSV is very similar to coronavirus with an upper respiratory infection. They skipped animal studies and gave it to 35 children. The children had an excellent immune response but then when they were exposed to the RSV virus, they got horribly sick and two children died and they discontinued the vaccine.

2014 they connected the deaths from the RSV vaccine to the Dengue vaccine (one of Dr. Fauci’s vaccines), which had a lot of the same red flags during the clinical trials. They administered it to hundreds of thousands of children Filipinos anyway. The children had a great immune response but when they were exposed to the wild virus – 600 children died. The Filipino government is prosecuting people today because they knew it from the clinical trials. They went right to human testing without testing on animals even knowing the consequences.

Here is the explanation – click here
This is an IMPORTANT document and I URGE you to look at this sooner rather than later

  • Are you aware of the suppression of the careers of:

– Galileo

Rachel Carson in the early 1960s when she exposed the dangers of Monsanto’s DDT pesticide was attacked by American Medical Association, Monsanto and other chemical manufacturers

Ignaz Semmelweis MD who was shunned for his pioneering observations  that practice of mandatory hand washing which decreased Postpartum infections to 1%

– Dr. Judy Mikovits’ award-winning PhD thesis changed the paradigm of HIV– AIDS treatment, turning the disease from a death sentence to a manageable condition…. and that her superiors behind her back had her research paper suppressed from being published, while other corrupt scientists (who had fraudulently accessed a pre-publication version of her research paper) went forward and reproduced her studies, and then got misplaced credit for discovering the HIV virus? Dr. Mikovits discovered the basis for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as well as discovering that our blood supply was contaminated with XMRV monkey retroviruses linked to leukemia, prostate cancer, autoimmune disease, and the explosion of Alzheimer’s disease. The same superiors who kept Dr. Mikovits from publishing the blood supply contamination research had her held in jail for five days without any charges being filed. Did you know that the lead scientist referenced here was Dr. Anthony Fauci?

  • Have you seen the video, behind closed doors and not intended for public viewing, of 8 the top W.H.O. vaccine scientists each expressing concerns about the safety of vaccines? (Video in Part 1– see link bottom)

    Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds by James Clear – Profound insight

  • If you’re not aware of any of these topics,
    please look closely at the discussion and references listed below and
    study Parts 1 and 2 carefully.

Thanks in advance for your open-minded approach to these issues.

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Covid 19 – Part 2