300% increase in cancer, Graphene Oxide, 5G radiation, Dep’t of Defense whistleblower leaks – whats going on?

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Whats in these vaccines they’re not telling the public :
Department of Defense – covered up data
(revealed by three whistleblower physicians in DOD)
Attorney Thomas Renz testified at the 5-hour Senate exchange
This is the highest regarded health information in US as each person on the DOD and Military ONLY sees a DOD clinician and all records are kept

2021 (vaccine year) compared to previous 5 years (2020 was year of Covid) –
300% increase in cancer

Hypertension – 2,181% increase
Diseases of the nervous system – 1,048% increase
Malignant neoplasms of esophagus – 894% increase
Multiple sclerosis – 680% increase
Malignant neoplasms of digestive organs – 624% increase
Guillain-Barre syndrome – 551% increase
Breast cancer – 487% increase
Demyelinating – 487% increase
Malignant neoplasms of thyroid and other endocrine glands – 474% increase
Female infertility – 472% increase
Pulmonary embolism – 468% increase
Migraines – 452% increase
Ovarian dysfunction – 437% increase
Testicular cancer – 369% increase
Tachycardia – 302% increase
These are stunning numbers.

Attorney Tom Renz Discovers Disturbing DOD COVID Files
Data from DOD


Graphene Oxide & 5G (see detoxification protocol – scroll down)

‘The Jerusalem Report’ With Ilana Rachel Daniel (Part 1 – 14 min)
The Jerusalem Report Season 2 Episode 5: The Learning Curve


Ricardo Delgado, founder and director of La Quinta Columna, reveals what he and his research partner, Dr. José Luis Sevillano, discovered after submitting a sealed vial of the Pfizer “vaccine” to a lab for analysis.
Graphene Oxide Causes Loss of Taste, Smell, “Covid” Symptoms
(Part 1)
The Graphene Oxide & 5G Connection (Part 2)

La Quinta Columna: 5G technology, graphene oxide and neuro-rights

Electron micrograph of graphene oxide from a vial of vaccines


Spanish Researcher Ricardo Delgado of La Columna Quinta (The Fifth Column) finds Method to Remove Graphene Oxide Post COVID Jab!!! Graphene Oxide does not belong in your body since, on its own, it can account for every symptom of COVID, including death. He has brought together a number of research and empirical results to create a safe, sensible, helpful and logical  strategy to degrade this particular poison.

Graphene Oxide (GO) discoveries:

  • GO fibres are in plastic masks.
  • GO fibres are on PCR test swabs.
  • GO is in all Covid-19 vaccines.
  • GO creates thromboses (CLOTTING).
  • GO causes blood clots.
  • GO disrupts the immune system.
  • GO can trigger a cytokine storm.
  • GO toxicity can instigate pneumonia.
  • GO creates a metallic taste in the mouth.
  • GO causes inflammation of the mucous membranes.
  • GO produces a loss in the sense of taste and smell.
  • GO is magnetic (especially at the injection site.)
  • GO blocks detoxification in the body by blocking glutathione.
  • GO may be activated by 5G frequencies.
  • GO was already included as an adjuvant in the flu shots in 2019.
  • GO passes thru the blood-brain barrier.
    So graphene oxide can act as a solo trigger for most COVID symptoms. This is not a VIRUS or spike protein, but a chemical warfare agent.


    Nutrition Protocol To Deactivate Graphene Oxide
    (Urgent for all who were injected with the “Covid vaccine”)
    This nutrition protocol is a compilation shared by experts, including David Wolfe.

    1. Quercetin: Quercetin works like HCQ. One of its mechanism of action is that it blocks the ‘virus’ (with spikes around it) from attaching. These two supplements will help with spike protein damage and apply to most organs of the body but not all.
    2. Ivermectin alternatives : I’m not recommending Ivermectin – even though I know it is recommended everywhere else –because I’ve since learned this medication may present neurotoxicity long-term. Instead, check out these Ivermectin alternatives. 
    3. Dandelion Leaf: Dandelion Leaf Extract blocks spike proteins from attaching to cell membrane.
    4. Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) or Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) Chlorine dioxide neutralizes and eliminates the spikes.
      See more

      Preventive treatment with antioxidants for graphene oxide detoxification – Orwell City