A Moldy to Bodacious home

What a journey this has been ! From being confronted with mold and many other environmental “issues”, I purged 30 years “stuff”, and ended up remodeling my house organically to a “green” non-toxic dream home – all with filtered air and water, new plumbing, and electrical wiring (turned out I was living in an EMF nightmare with all the knob & tube original wiring.
We used all non toxic products (grout, glues, paint etc).

I’ve been wanting to remodel for 15 + years ( and have saved money) but the thought of clearing out the basement with 30 years stuff…

This next set of pics is of the old basement –
only place that mold turned out to be present.
We decided the basement :
A) Mother in law to be used for air B&B and social events
B) Knocked out wall between dark dreary office and storage room and build a long office with a bodacious suspended dance floor

THIS is demolition of basement (laundry, hiking area, old bedroom, sauna area that because new Air B & B

Old UPSTAIRS bedroom,  Bathroom and kitchen


Remodel pics – to be posted and updated regularly
as the completion is done. (Check back)

New Kitchen
(backsplash tile-Karma Nut & painting aren’t completed)

New Bedroom and Bathroom –
Bedroom – door moved over, small closet taken out and new “functional” cedar closet
Oak floors refinished

Bathroom (hidden chimney was removed so BR now opened up.
New Jacuzzi (whirlpool jets and air bubble massage) surrounded by granite
Cherry vanity with granite on top
Edge of Glass – sconces
Karma nut tile

Mother in law – (finish and trim aren’t completed)