Live Blood Hydrogel Clots, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) mod. 1-17-24

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Dr Ana Mihalcea MD PhD
podcast and reference material
is BELOW her protocol BELOW

Why is this relevant ??

Edward Dowd analyzed 9 major Life Insurance companies mortality data.
MORTALITY INCREASED 25-50% compared to the previous 4 years. (2020 was Covid year of the deaths; 2021 – year of “vaccine”)
This was in AGES 18-64 (working people)
Think Life Insurance co such as Prudential, Metropolitan Life etc.

For details see Sudden Unexplained Deaths

Dr Ana Mihalcea MD PhD – says EVERYONE she is seeing
has blood that looks like mine with clots, A.I. and clumping

Definitions : 

Shedding – transmission from one person to another. When one has the flu, and has many symptoms, one likely stays home to feel better. Pfizer admitted in European parliament that they had NEVER even tested their “vaccine” from TRANSMISSION from one person to another ! (The concept of transmission – for the vaccine to keep one protected and not be able to give it to another was the basis for the mandates, masking, lockdowns, loss of jobs etc.

(READ THIS AGAIN).The 95% effectiveness was misleading propaganda shared by all media, that the injections were effective by 95%.

What they didn’t say was these injections DECREASED SYMPTOMS by 95% BUT DIDN’T PREVENT TRANSMISSION!

So people injected went work, socialized, went to grocery stores, family gatherings, and were “SILENTLY” SHEDDING their “bioweapon” to others without anyone knowing, and these “vaccine injuries” were then transmitted silently to others.

What this means is that
“Safe and Effective”
was never even tested by Pfizer.

Is this why Pfizer and FDA were hiding the safety studies for 75 years?
Thanks to Aaron Siri Esq, Dell 
Bigtree (Highwire) and ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) for getting this data released to public. 

What is a Hydrogel – Hydrogel is in the C19 vaccine, the PCR swabs, the masks, GMO foods. Its a polymer that is programmable that can be used as a Biosensor, for Tissue Engineering, Encapsulation of Quantum Dots, thermodynamic electricity generation, drug (or toxin) delivery. It is programmable matter for Artificial Intelligence, it is self assembling, self learning. It cannot be dissolved with pharmaceutical blood thinners.

It creates a rubbery, almost indestructible scaffolding.
(Like the clots the embalmers are pulling out of people).

Graphene Based Hydrogel –
is basically an AI-controlled neuroelectronic swarm intelligence system. Before entering the body it is a non-metallic chemical agent, but with the body heat and contact with hydrogen, it becomes extremely biomagenetic and capable of absorbing energy from electromagnetic waves in the 5G band,…can quicken THROMBOSIS ( blood clotting), myocarditis, and pericarditis in 5G environments. Graphene is programmable – for example , how it seeks out vital organs (brain and heart) according to their frequency, electromagnetic fields,

SPIKE Protein vs Hydrogel clots — which is causing sickness.
(see below) – 26 worldwide teams analyzed these “Covid vaccines” . They found only partial mRNA or fragments and the proteins were NOT big enough to be a spike protein.

Dr. Mihalcea feels the hydrogel clots are the threat to humanity (not the spike protein). 

(Like mine – see pictures below) 

  • Geo-Engineering – the spraying from aircraft or CHEM TRAILS to control weather has been going for DECADES and are a massive reason these hydrogel clots are in everyone. Lyndon Johnson said “those who control the weather, control the world”, so this massive campaign has been going on in front of our backs for decades.
    The DimmingClimate Engineering Documentary
    (Geoengineering Watch)

    The documentary conclusively exposes the existence of global weather intervention operations. If one wonders the cause of climate change – here is conclusive evidence what is causing climate change and what’s not causing it. 
  • Hydrogel heavy metal plastics in foods (marketed for many years to food industry) as well as the heavy metals in these Covid injections (and shedding to those NOT INJECTED) – EVERYONE’S blood looks like this. 
  • Covid Injections and shedding (spreading) this bioweapon to others around them contain these heavy metal hydrogel clots (graphene oxide) etc.Dr Mihalcea said EVERYONE’s “Live Blood Analysis” is contaminated.

Chelation a SOLUTION – 

Chelation comes from the Greek word “claw,” meaning “to grab,” which is exactly what EDTA does. When a molecule of EDTA travels through the bloodstream and gets near a toxic metal such as lead or mercury, it grabs the destructive particle and binds tightly with it, pulling it out of the membrane or body tissue it was embedded in.

(Chelation principles below are from Detoxamin website (at bottom of protocol)

Free Chelation Ebook by Dr Rita Ellithorpe (Integrative doc)

Inactivates & Eliminates

EDTA seizes a positively charged metal ion and surrounds it. This action inactivates the metal, then the body safely eliminates the bound compound, primarily via the kidneys. 

Attracts Stubborn Metals –

Because EDTA has an affinity to heavy particles, it can attract and bind to heavy metals. The toxic ion and the amino acid connect, and because the body regards the EDTA as a foreign substance, it sends it to the kidney for elimination. Both the EDTA and the heavy metals get a free ride into the toilet.

My Live Blood Analysis (Les Berenson MD)
by Dr Ana Mihalcea Md PhD (8-23-21)

Normal Red Blood Cells

My Live Blood Analysis – (Les Berenson MD – 8-21-23)

(Red Blood Cells stacked on one another yielding poor perfusion (blood flow) –
so red blood cells can’t oxygenate easily)
Imagine a huge football tackle with 10 players on top of one.
How easy is it for that person on bottom to breathe?

If this is the appearance of most peoples blood, 
how well are most people OXYGENATING ?
See why many people are not healing no matter what they do?

Hydrogel Clots
Rouleaux (clumped blood) and hydrogel clots –
the electrical connectivity is decreased up to 47%

Hydrogel clots and
Fibrin like strands – (indicate acidity)  

Spherical construction sites of hydrogel

My Live blood analysis was Normal after :
(2) EDTA IV chelations and
(1) IV VIT C –> 

Note all blood cells are next to each other
not clumped and no hydrogel clots

Clinically I had energy almost immediately and
5 months later I have emotional clarity and
zero fatigue., and only had ~5 “off” days.

Dr Ana Mihalcea MD, PhD –
Hydrogel – CLOT – Graphene Oxide Detox Protocol

1) IV EDTA chelation (she suggests (2) IV EDTA treatments) 

  • Removes heavy metals
  • Consider monthly chelation (with continued shedding (see beginning of blog)
IV Chelation Therapy: Finding a Doctor Who Will Test for and Treat Heavy Metal Toxicity

Finding an ACAM practitioner
(American College for Advancement in


Other ways to get EDTA into body – orally and topically

All but 2 items are available in my Fullscript account.


If $$ is an issue see suggestions at bottom of protocol.

Detoxamin – EDTA rectal suppositories
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(My suggestion and not part of Dr. Ana Mihalcea’s

BELOW is Dr Ana Mihalcea’s protocol to dissolve clots after IV EDTA / Vit C

2) EDTA Liposomal (Quicksilver)  – oral
Rx – 2.5 tsp 2X / week


3) EDTA EZ Dtox Cream (Calcium Disodium EDTA)
Rx – apply to wrists nightly

4) Ultimate Methylene Blue– Edward Group ND (Global Healing)
     Methylene blue
is a supercharger for your biology at cellular level.
It’s a beneficial tools for improving your health with very few side effects


  • triple distilled biophotonic structured water,
  • organic vegetable glycerin,
  • Methylene Blue USP grade (99.99%)
  • nano liquid gold,
  • ORMUS supercharged minerals
  • Turns urine greenish blue and bluish discoloration of skin and mucosa
    which is self limiting.LB – suggested dosage is 0.5-1 mg per kilogram of body weight per day,
    (Body wt – Pounds Divided by 2.2 = Kg)
    1 ML (20 drops) = 10 mg (Dosage is for this formula only) 
    100 Pounds = 45 Kg therefore 20-40 mg MB / day
    150 Pounds = 70 kg therefore 35-70 mg MB / day
    200 pounds = 90 kg therefore 45-90 mg MB / day
  • Methylene blue is a safe drug when used in therapeutic doses (<2mg/kg).But it can cause toxicity in high doses.
    Contraindications Methylene blue is a MAO inhibitor and therefore can interact with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and MAO inhibitors to cause serious serotonin toxicity. It also interacts with dapsone and forms hydroxylamine which oxidizes hemoglobin causing hemolysis.








Further reading
Ben Greenfield –
Why The World’s Top Biohackers Have Bright Blue Tongues & Urine: The Tiny Blue Mitochondrial Hack Taking The World By Storm.
Ben Greenfield’s page with links to podcast and more detailed information

5) Hydrosol Gold 
Rx 2 Tbs / day

Accelerated Gold 

  • Dissolves Nanotechnology microchips
  • European studies – IQ increased by 40 points in a month
  • helps ADD
  • Lengthens telomeres (anti-aging) 

6) Hydrosol Copper – Sovereign Bio-Active Copper
Rx – 2 Tbs / Day

  • Helps nourish neurons

7) Nitric Oxide – Neo40 Professional
Rx – 1 / day

  • Helps microbiome dissolve Graphene;
  • Increases vasodilatation & perfusion; helps with brain fog


8) NAC
Rx – 1000mg / day

  • Detoxes metals and Graphene oxide

(This Protocol brand had 1000 mg and will last 2 months)

9) Nattokinase – (thrombolytic blood thinner)
Rx – 20,000 units / day

  • Dissolves microclotting


10) Vit C
Rx – 8000 – 10,000 mg / day

  • Helps chelate metals

CRITICAL : Minerals need to be replaced
as chelation removes minerals

11) Minerals: each cell in your body has over 4,000 different types of enzymes lying dormant, just waiting to be activated? To become active, they need both major and minor minerals to be present. Most people never fully activate all of their enzymes because they lack the minerals required to do so. If every single cell in your body had the minerals and nutrients required to activate the enzymes within it, your body could become fully healthy.

Humic / Fulvic Acid – 1oz/ day

Vital Earth Minerals Fulvic Minerals Liquid – 70+ Trace Minerals, Electrolytes, Fulvic Acid Minerals for Cellular Detox, Wellness,
Gut Health, 32 Fl Oz

    • Increases energy production by : 140% in muscle cells; in Brain 56%
    • Detoxes metals & graphene oxide; acts as electron donor
    • If any cramping take extra minerals
    • The source of our fulvic comes from fresh water humate, which has a very small molecule size making it more absorbable than salt water mineral extracts.
    • Fulvic is one of the most biologically active substances available and assists with every metabolic function in the body. supporting the body’s natural defenses, brain function, immune system, and energy. Fulvic supercharges cells by providing the electrical charge cells need for fundamental interactions and reactions with other substances; it fuels, supports, and facilitates every normal biochemical process in the body.
    • When fulvic is present, you are assured of maximum absorption and interactions of vitamins, phytonutrients, enzymes, amino acids, and minerals.
    • Another indispensable key to Fulvic is its ability to destroy damaging free radicals, blocking oxidation, and assisting the normal removal and detoxification of harmful compounds in the tissues.

HEALTH GENESIS – mineral replacement (designed by Detoxamin) :
(NEED TO LOGIN / Open account to see products / pricing)
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An excellent way to quickly flood your body with minerals is through the use of grass juices, such as wheatgrass and barley grass. Grasses are one of the few known plants that have the ability to absorb all the minerals present in the soil. If you consume grasses grown in mineral-rich soil, this is an excellent way to support your body.

12) DMG (Di Methyl glycine)
Rx – as directed

  • Adds methyl group; helps make glutathione; Detoxes graphene oxide

Another excellent way to quickly flood your body with minerals is through the use of grass juices, such as wheatgrass and barley grass. Grasses are one of the few known plants that have the ability to absorb all the minerals present in the soil. If you consume grasses grown in mineral-rich soil, this is an excellent way to support your body.

13) Boron
Rx 2 mg / day 

  • Inhibits Nanotech reproduction

14) Apple Cider Vinegar
Rx – Take 2 Tbs / day

14) Magnesium L Threonate
Rx – 2 caps/ day (crosses the Blood Brain Barrier)

  • Improves memory, helps sleep; Can take up to 2000 mg per day

LB – additional source for EDTA –

Detoxamin – EDTA rectal suppositories
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DOSAGE per website:
(comes in different sizes)
500MG (For below 150lbs)
750MG (For up to 175lbs)
1000MG (For 175 to 200lbs)
1500MG (For 200lbs and up)

Use coupon
RESTORE at checkout to receive 30% discount

DOSAGE : One Detoxamin suppository is inserted every other evening prior to bedtime. It is suggested to eat a protein-rich meal with a low sugar content 3-4 hours prior to bedtime before Detoxamin is taken. Recommended treatment should be repeated for a 3-6 mth period. 

CRITICAL: Take minerals in addition
(see above protocol)

From the website :

Continual Slow Acting Gentle And Elegant Detoxification During Sleep
Diminishes The Accelerated Aging Process Due To Lipid Peroxidation
Promotes Feelings Of Vitality, Increased Energy & Well-Being
Continues To Remove Metals After Initial Provocation
Lessens Shock To System Through Slow-Absorption
Supports Healthy Brain And Neurological Function
Simple, Convenient And Easy To Self-Administer
Well Tolerated During Hemorrhoidal Conditions
A Significant Adjunct To Replace IV Therapy
Helps Maintain Healthy Body Metabolism
Well Tolerated By Adults And Children
Clears Toxic Metal Buildup In Tissues
Supports Cardiovascular Health
Decreases Free-Radical Damage
Gentle, Non-Invasive And Safe
Improves Cognitive Function
Facilitates Toxic Elimination
Increases Mental Clarity
Supports Bone Health

from their website:
Toxic Heavy Metal Overload in the walls of coronary arteries seems to decrease levels of nitric oxide, a compound known as “Endothelial Relaxing Factor” – without this substance normal blood flow is impeded therefore increasing the risk of vascular blockages.

Toxic Heavy Metal Overload in the adrenal glands reduce the production of hormones, which cause early aging, stress, decreased sex drive and aggravation of menopausal symptoms. Heavy Metal Overload can lead to unresponsiveness of diabetics to their medications. Heavy Metal Overload can lead to neurological diseases such as depression and loss of thinking power. It can also aggravate conditions such as osteoporosis and hypothyroidism.

If $$ is an issue my suggestions are to use (LB) :

  • Detoxamin – EDTA rectal suppositories
    Use coupon RESTORE at checkout to receive 30% discount
  • Nitric Oxide (see above)
    Rx – 1 / day

    • Helps microbiome dissolve Graphene;
    • Increases vasodilatation & perfusion; helps with brain fog


  • Nattokinase (see above)

  • Vit C (see above)
    Rx – 8000 – 10,000 mg / day

    • Helps chelate metals

  • Boron and Apple cider vinegar (see above)
    Rx 2 mg / day 

    • Inhibits Nanotech reproduction

  • Accelerated Gold  (see above)
    Hydrosol Gold 
    Rx 2 Tbs / day

    • Dissolves Nanotechnology microchips
    • European studies – IQ increased by 40 points in a month
    • helps ADD
    • Lengthens telomeres (anti-aging)

References: Dr Ana Mihalcea MD PhD

2 SHORT videos to give background (ESSENTIAL) :

A) Darpa Hydrogel uses “MOF” technology
(Metal Organic Framework)

B) What are Quantum Dots? (A.I.) (1:49)
These are the blinking dots seen in my and others which is the A.I. that is telling the clouds how to assemble

NIBIB – The national Institute of biomedical imaging of bioengineering – NIH   Quantum dots are small semiconducting nanocrystals that can be made up of a variety of different elements, such as silicon, cadmium selenide, or cadmium sulfide.

They range in size from 2 to 10 nanometers. 1 nanometer is about the width of 2 silicon atoms. These semiconducting materials are able to absorb light. When they release that energy, they transform it into different color of light. The specific color that a quantum dot will produce depends mostly on the size and material of the quantum dot. The reason for this is something called quantum confinement. When light excites a quantum dot, the larger the size of the dot, the lower the energy waves will be, resulting in a redder light. The smaller it is, the bluer the light will be.

Quantum dots are used in medical research as well as in solar panels, televisions, and solid state lighting.

C) What are these “Clots” made out of ?
(This is explained in detail later in this blog)

Mike Adams and Natural News releases post-vaccine clot ICP-MS elemental analysis results, comparing clots to human blood … findings reveal these clots
are NOT “blood” clots – 08/17/2022 // Mike Adams


LB – This (LINK ABOVE) is one of the most comprehensive presentations Ive seen from Dr. Mihaelcea. These are notes I’ve taken or transcribed from this presentation. The videos in this presentation are dramatic and remarkable

Dr Ana Mihalcea MD PhD is part of a worldwide group of investigators (26 worldwide teams) that have looked at these “vaccine” vials and they all have found high levels of metal contaminants (like cesium, barium, aluminum, tungsten – various metals.

Some of the researchers found either no mRNA, mRNA fragments, and even DNA contamination and there’s not supposed to be any DNA.

Dr Ana questions if the vials don’t have mRNA, then why are people still getting sick and then what do we need to do in our detox protocols. 

In the beginning of rollout of these injections she found blood to be heavily contaminated with rouleaux formation (clumping of the blood) and strange ribbon like structures. She does live dark field microscopy (live Blood Analysis) and showed the same in unvaxxed individuals.

PEG (Poly Ethylene Glycol) is a component of hydrogel (programable matter with ability to self-assemble & grow).

When exposed to electrical current or electromagnetic fields these hydrogel clots can grow from “nano” size (micro) to cm. size in minutes.

If hydrogel is combined with different metals it can create microchips and biosensors and they are now injecting this into humans. She has patients that have cleared up their blood abnormalities with IV EDTA (shown with live blood) and then intentionally exposed themselves to those vaccinated and came in the next day and their live blood showed rouleaux again (clumping). 

She feels there’s something physically transmitted.
She has found these structures in :
human sputum, sweat, urine, blood, and
menstrual fluid and MANY medications

Problem is that people are inhaling from these same particles, being sprayed in the sky through geoengineering, and contaminated through food supply, & mRNA is being injected into meat, etc.

Dr Mihalcea has found these hydrogels in insulin, and dental anesthetics. It’s on the labels that they have hydrogel components like PEG (Poly Ethylene Glycol) components in there. They have analyzed rain water and because of the spraying from Geoengineering, these polymers and graphene oxide is also in the rain water. Her opinion is that this is an assault on humanity.

Finally the shedding from those vaccinated

says a person could inject the same components they received into another who is NOT injected

Hydrogel can clot your blood. The A.I. self-assembly feature can cause the clot to grow. She has seen these LONG (over a foot long) clots in unvaccinated that look like those in vaxxed. She is concerned about the relationship of these clots to 5G. The more exposure to 5g and EMF the more these clots can grow.

Vinal Chloride is a chemical that is also exposed in these huge forest fires. Its used heavily in medical industry – plastics, syringes, IV bags and IV tubing. These hydrogels are being injected into people. Acute exposure of vinyl chloride can cause death, respiratory and brain dysfunction

D-Dimer – a measure of clotting. Dr Ana was one of the first (April, 2022) to measure
D-Dimer elevation in UNVAXXINATED blood and was able to reverse it with IV Vit C and then later her approach evolved to EDTA chelation. IV EDTA and IV Vit C has shown to be the antidote to hydrogel.

SPIKE PROTEIN ??Dr McCullough and others believe there is a SPIKE PROTEIN.
If you look at the NIH website – NIH has developed a quantum dot (A.I.) crystal that was mimicking an antibody response, so if you had Corona virus and it may have been a hydrogel based technology causing this antibody response. The spike protein concept was that there was reverse transcription of mRNA.

LB – Below she presents data that when the vials were analyzed there was little to no mRNA in the “vaccine” vials. “If there is no mRNA in the shot there is no reverse transcription, it’s all technology and hydrogel self assembly clots.

Dr Mihalcea has been looking at the blood and all the “vaccine injury” protocols, like Ivermectin and other supplements, she finds these meds / supplements don’t clear this SYNTHETIC A.I. hydrogel technology. Once the clots are created it’s very hard to break them down.

She has done live blood microscopy on vaxed, unvaxxed, as well as deceased blood. Polymers are materials that can grow on their own and can be organic like DNA or inorganic like a plastic. It’s the cross linking of the hydrogel that creates a mesh like network. Some are biodegradable others are not and almost indestructible.

The clots that were found in the “Died Suddenly” victims were hydrogel clots.

Died Suddenlyfull documentary

Hydrogel technology is used for drug delivery i.e. Pfizer – PEG lipid nanoparticle technology is a hydrogel and can be used for self-assembly. Moderna it was SM102.

The hydrogel can develop into electronic devices, biosensors as well as transmitters. In the literature hydrogel has been shown to create microchips which she has seen in the “vaccine” contents. They can mimic any tissue, organ or cell. The specific “heavy metals” that are being used to augment its function will determine what type electrical device being produced. Graphene can be used to make certain functions etc.

Searching the science literature :

Dr Ana is part of 26 WORLDWIDE teams investigating the “vaccine” vials.

What these teams discovered is they didn’t have the ENTIRE mRNA sequence that was required to produce the spike protein, according to the label – there were only fragments and partial mRNA.
The European Medicine Agency requested to prove that the mRNA protein be a certain size as the spike protein (180 Daltons). During the testing many proteins were produced but not the correct size as the spike protein.

DNA and other impurities were found (NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE VIALS). What these researchers found was THERE WERE MAINLY HEAVY and RARE METALS.

She states that when all the pediatric vaccines were studied (Antonetta Gopu (? sp) and they ALL had undisclosed heavy metals that are toxic to human body.

Heavy metals isolated from “vaccine” vials :

  • Cesium (radioactive),
  • barium,
  • cobalt,
  • iron,
  • titanium,
  • cerium,
  • gadolinium,
  • aluminum,
  • silicon,
  • Sulphur,
  • thulium,
  • antimony (Moderna).

  • Silicon used for nanotechnology devices like nanorobotic devices, nano wires and nano hooks
  • Large structures were found to be self-assembling and movement was visible
  • From Pfizer documents – graphene was used with gold to create the artificial intelligence spike that was a nano-robotic device
  • 25:39 min. (in video above) – see blinking lights which are the A.I. that assemble the hydrogel clots and a metallic structure being built.
    (Should any metallic structures be in a vaccine) ??
  • She says after Jan 2023 EVERY person’s live blood that she looks at is contaminated

La Quinta Columna called these Graphene Oxide.

Ana Mihalcea MD is calling these hydrogel clots and filamented networks the same thing.

This correlates with Clifford Carnicoms work
identifying these as Morgellons (June 2014)

Dr Ana saw the similarity in the deceased clots analyzed by Mike Adams, and the Morgellons, and Live Blood Long Covid.
Mike Adams in TLC (Chromatography) saw self assembling polymers with heavy metals – THESE CLOTS WERE NOT BLOOD

She says this is not a contaminant as RBCs and WBCs are attaching to filament to attempt to digest this filament and can’t.

The spike protein theory –
Ivermectin does NOT clear these filaments
or prevent these rubbery clots.

The electrical conductivity (our life force) – imagine someone hijacking 30% of your life force or energy, will decrease your “batteries” and will have chronic fatigue, accelerated aging.

Electron doners : can help regenerate this loss of life force and electrical energy.

– (Vit C 8-10,000mg/day),
– Humic / Fulvic Acid,
– Methylene Blue

We have an epidemic of people with brain fog, fatigue, and difficulty functioning . These clots oxidizes the iron in blood to a 3+ state. Normally iron is in a 2+ state to transport oxygen. Many people are short of breath because of this. We need to reverse the oxidation with anti-oxidant like Vit C

Unvaccinated blood – completely normal, exposed to VERY LOW level electrical current 10MA and in 2 hours the blood was completely transformed into a network of filaments and was unrecognizable.

If vaccinated blood sits for 4 hours these hydrogel rubbery clots set up. These clots do not pull apart

The same blue filaments are in these clots.

These clots in embalmed blood (8 months after death) have these filaments that continue to grow. The microdots (blinking lights) were seen as well as this is the AI that tells the clots to grow. (seen in video at 54:19 min. )

These clots and AI are getting into unvaxxed blood where we are inhaling this from the spraying of geo-engineering. (see video –  The Dimming), spread in meat supply, as well as in medications. The above right shows all the construction sites.

Her opinion – worrying about the spike protein – we are missing the target. These clots are threatening humanity.

No one should have blue yellow and red blinking lights in their blood.
This is the microdot artificial intelligence.

When the blood (above pic) sits these clots replace the blood (lower pic) and become a fully functional hydrogel clot – the Blood is now DEAD, replaced with these rubbery clots

Blood from embalmed deceased individuals – showing rubbery clots on inspection

Live blood shows the filaments

NIR analysis showing same makeup (lower pic)

All 3 clots were same Vaxxed, Unvaxxed and deceased

Blood she added Vit C & EDTA to it.  A) UnVaxxed blood with rubbery clot
She took blood and let it sit over night

Vit C in blood overnight did not clot EDTA in blood overnight did not clot
(Video: 1:02 min)

Medications and dental anesthetics


Unvaxxed blood with hydrogel clot
After EDTA / Vit C (3 days later – normal)

EDTA – IV (needs a doctor); oral can be used (not daily as binds minerals)
Vit C – buffered powder
Electron Donors (Methylene Blue)
Humic / Fulvic Acid (minerals)
Hydrosol Gold (dissolves the microchips)
Natto-kinase helps dissolve micro-clotting (develops form the acidity)
Nitric Oxide used by microbiome to detoxify graphene
Vit D, DMG (DMG – Methyl glycine methyl donors to repair DNA) B Vitamins,