Interacting with another about vaccine information

Interacting with someone about Vaccine information 

You are the messenger not the message.
Suspend your “ego” & let the expert information educate your friend / legislator.

You are NOT the expert, so don’t “vomit” information on them.
Your goal is to speak highly about whatever information you are giving them –
Build up the credibility of the website, or the person you want them to talk to,
or speak highly about the written information you’re giving them.
(Don’t just say read this, or look at this website –
DESCRIBE it with excitement).

When I want to get someone’s attention about (vaccines):
I ask a simple question looking them in the eyes and speaking slowly –

Are you an open or closed minded person?
If they respond Yes I say – are you really open minded?

I then say if there is any chance of vaccines are one of the biggest
causes of disease adults and children  –
(or fill in whatever your concern that may be more specific with that person)
would they be willing to look at 15-20 min. information.

If they say NO – respond by saying – I thought you said you were open minded?

If they say YES

A) Ask when will they have 15 minutes to do so ?
B) Set up a follow-up apt with them
    Avoid them putting you off – if you want to get them to look at new information

See vaccine handout for the references (15 min).

Wash. State law for religious exemption