Epigenetics – Can you control diseases ?

DR. BRUCE LIPTON – (a colleague) explaining clearly why genetics DO NOT control our destiny and that each of us (if we choose) can change our “environment” and how we live –
our health and life. One of the best descriptions of “epigenetics” and how we can change EVERYTHING in our heath – emotional and physical. Dr. Lipton was one of the first scientists to describe this Epi-genetic principle – a guiding post for Anti-Aging medicine.

Epigentics is exciting as cancer, heart disease and all other aging conditions
such as arthritis can be controlled and our lifestyles can improve.

This could be one of the more powerful 30 minutes of your life if you’ll take the time to absorb it.

Are you really happy with your life in all regards and if not please watch –
Bruce will share a solution.

This is one of the most powerful presentations 
I’ve seen on this topic