Prevention of Covid 19 (Mod 8-12-23)

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Prevention of Covid – 19 and Exposure to vaccine shedding

GOAL – to empower you to believe in your amazing immune system, so you can feel SAFE & PROTECTED from Covid, Long Covid, the vaccine shedding phenomena, & viral illnesses.

“Covid” treatment focuses on boosting immunity, decreasing spike proteins, taking anti-viral compounds, decreasing inflammation, and supporting anti-oxidants. Anti–oxidants help decrease inflammation and can decrease viral infections.

As a holistic physician researching and publishing on Covid for over 3 years before it even came to United States,          I have greater concerns today and it’s not the “Covid virus”.

My concerns involve massive amount death & disease that’s occurring from these mRNA injections.(See blog:Sudden Unexplained Deaths)

There’s a genocide going on today. Many of the top vaccine scientists and physicians predicted this because of the previous mRNA animal experiments, BEFORE these mRNA injections were ever releasedFew seem to be connecting the dots today, why so many people are dying, getting “turbo” cancers and major illness. There is a little Covid going around.

To me prevention should be targeting the
“vaccine” related injuries from shedding.

Dr Peter McCullough MD, FACC (Cardiologist) – (1-15-23)-
It Looks Like The mRNA Is Transferring
From The Vaccinated To The Unvaccinated!
Could you actually take a vaccine inadvertently
through close contact, kissing, sexual contact, or breastfeeding?

Dr. McCullough says, “it looks like the answer is YES.”

Learn how to protect yourself. THERE’S POTENTIAL SUPPORT FOR BOTH GROUPS – injected or not injected.

14 NON INJECTED people with MAJOR vaccine related injuries likely from shedding (have reached out to me). (Realize there are thousands and thousand of injected people with these vaccine injuries – These are non – injected people.

4 – Cancer – 3 – breast cancer Stage 4 within 1-2 months
                    1 – stage 4 rectal cancer within 2 months
2 – 60 year old healthy women with heart attacks
(out of nowhere)
3 – with strokes  
3 – with clots (2 with clots up to their groin)
(Funeral directors, pathologists, autopsies are pulling these “Clots” out of people that when analyzed were not made of blood but heavy mets etc.
1 with thrombocytopenia (low platelet)
we know the injection goes to Bone marrow and uterus / ovaries within 4 hrs)

1- woman with stable asthma went to ER and intubated within 12 hrs

In my opinion EVERYONE should be protecting themselves with drugs like (Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine), maximizing the blood Vit D levels etc. to DECREASE and PROTECT from any spike protein injuries and supplements (i.e. check your Vit D level and get it >60)

Contrary to what the data from the CDC shares via the media,
the following is more accurate from CDC data hidden from public:

The chances of dying from Covid-19 is .03%. (99.97 % chance of LIVING ! )
Why is everyone getting boosters (TODAY) when there is almost zero covid?
People are being labeled with Covid by faulty PCR tests rather correctly addressing all this death and disease as vaccine injuries.

Why are kids getting injected when they have almost ZERO risk?

To help improve one’s immune system,
 prevention and treatment protocol is directed at those:

A) Injected – vaccine scientists say the immune system has been PERMANENTLY DISABLED to defend against future Covid variants like Delta, Omricon  or  FUTURE (variants), so specific action is needed. Most people today who were injected are walking around spreading their variants to everyone else (unknowingly as they have no symptoms)

B) NOT Vaccinated – 
help protect against Covid-19 as well and protect against the shedding from those vaccinate

Where to get supplements:
Most important to get good brands (ask the nutritional store managers), as there is little quality control in this industry.
Saving money on life saving supplements is not in ones’ best interest. Get supplements in local stores (Natural Grocers, Whole foods etc.), or Amazon
I have a website where anyone can save 25% on good brands
but need to register an account on :  Full script 

Once registered can order 24X7.

2 Concerning issues and why EVERYONE needs regular preventive treatment :

It’s clear the vaccines are not working (as we predicted). Not only do the injections not work more than a few months (necessitating a booster), but Pfizer just admittted in European court – the original mRNA studies were NEVER designed to prevent transmission – only 95% to “decrease symptoms”, explaining why so many injected people get these variants and have no symptoms then shed it to others.  

Top Virologists such as Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, or Robert Malone MD (who discovered the mRNA vaccine technology), have been describing these concerns for past few years (censored from media).

1) Paradoxical antibody enhancement or pathogenic priming
The concern is the decreasing antibodies from the failed vaccines may lead to paradoxical antibody enhancement. In the 4 previous Corona virus studies, most of the animals and children when re-exposed to a corona virus developed massive inflammation and died.

2) Shedding –
It’s increasingly clear from MANY vaccine scientific reports that those vaccinated are “shedding” the spike protein to others. The mRNA injections decrease symptoms so those injected go to work, socialize and have no clue they are actively infected and shedding the virus like any other flu or cold virus. 
EVERYONE – Protecting against shedding (from others vaccinated) is CRITICAL.

3) Immune pressure – Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, has been warning since March 2021 that the massive vaccination would create massive immune pressure and create variants. He says to mass vaccinate during pandemic will threaten humanity wiping out many.

4) Remember the spike protein everyone was so fearful of? These injections turn the body into “spike protein factories” and the body makes 1000X the level of spike protein so now you can see why so many are developing and dying from CLOTTING disorders – heart attacks, strokes etc.

Content of this monograph:                                                              

  1. Advanced Directive – notarize this NOW in case admitted to hospital (Hospitals make one sign papers to allow Covid injections, ability to put on deadly Remdesivir, intubate etc)
  2. Prevention of Covid                                                                                                                                                                         
  3. Ivermectin and Hydroxchloroquine
  4. David Brownstein’s Covid results                                                                                       
  5. Covid Complications – not getting better after Covid or complications after vaccine ?
    Long Haulers Syndrome and Hospital Protocol                                                                   

Integrative clinicians I’ve followed to create these recommendations:
Dr Peter McCullough MD , board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Epidemiologist, has published on a range of topics in medicine with > 1000 publications, editor of 2 major cardiology – kidney journals. He has over 50 publications in the preview of literature on COVID-19

  • Pierre Kory MD head of FLCCC (Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance) www.FLCCC.NET
  • Vladamir Zelenko MD (Dr. Zelenko published on 3000 HIGH RISK Covid 19 pts. 2 died – 99.3% survival.
      This is the data that led Trump to use Hydroxychloroquine
  • David Brownstein MD (kept 106 high risk Covid 19 patients out of hospital)
  • Thomas Levy MD (Integrative Cardiologist)
  • Joseph Mercola DO
  • Richard Horwitz MD
  • Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD

To find a doctor to discuss Covid symptoms and get treatment :
(LB – I have no relationship to these services)

Directory of Doctors Prescribing – Outpatient COVID-19 Therapy – 
Updated: 23 June 2021
Multiple States and Countries 
(404) 601-1276

My Free Doctor founded by Dr. Syed Haider and his group was nominated for Nobel Peace prize 
Treated 300,000 early Covid pts and had 6 deaths    800-818-1779 
This fee for Ivermectin will include a physician fee to authorize

 Pharmacies – listed on FLCCC site

1)  Advanced Directive (EVERYONE PRINT OUT NOW) –
If one is admitted to a US hospital and diagnosed with Covid – it’s highly likely they will be treated with
Remdesivir that may have a 20-50% mortality often with kidney failure. When a patient deteriorates they are often put on a ventilator, with a mortality is as high at 80+%. Dr Bryan Ardis has created this advanced directive to use when entering hospital if one chooses, to avoid being treated with these.

Please show to a lawyer or notary (bank) and GET IT NOTARIZED NOW and carry all time with you (in case needed. Share with your loved ones), so they know where to find it in case needed.

(For treatment page –> Treatment)

FLCCC – I-Prevent Protocol :
Download PREVENTION Protocol Summary PDF
Download Treatment Protocol Clinical Companion PDF 

1) Stress – Fear – Adrenals (consider taking Adrenal support).
If one is FEARFUL one can’t heal and is more susceptible for any illness
Hydration, Exercise , Sauna –

2) IvermectinUpdated 9-1-21
I-PREVENT:COVID Protection Protocol (mod 6-29-22)

Prophylaxis for EVERYONE (vaccinated or not).
Developed by critical care (ICU) physicians who have been very successful treating all stages of Covid and have been some of the pioneering researchers using Ivermectin.

60 clinical trials now, (39 of them already peer-reviewed),
involving 11,500 patients from over 400 authors.
Ivermectin is doing what no other vaccine, drug, or natural substance can demonstrate:
A) Over 88% improvement in PREVENTION
B) 75% improvement for EARLY treatment
C) 43% improvement for LATE treatment
Ivermectin prevents the spike protein (including variants) from binding with the ACE receptor
Rx. 0.2 mg/kg* per dose — one dose 1st day, 2nd dose in 48 hours, then one dose every week
The safety of ivermectin in pregnancy has not been established. A discussion of benefits vs. risks with your provider is required prior to use, particularly in the 1st trimester.
See more on Ivermectin page :
Scientific studies, all protocols (prevention, treatment, ill patients in hospital, long haul covid complications and side effects).

3) Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)Prevention:

Dr. Zelenko published on treatment – his clinical team –
3000 HIGH RISK Covid 19 pts. 99.3% survival.

Pioneer using Zelenko protocol – Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Azithromycin
    – His paper and findings (see next link below)
Multifaceted highly targeted sequential multidrug treatment of early ambulatory high-risk SARS-CoV-2     infection (COVID-19)

Consider for high risk patients , Health care workers and 1st responders
Rx. 200 mg Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) 1X/ day for 5 days, then HCQ 200 – 400mg 1X/ week
Many states – If one has lupus, rheumatoid arthritis a physician can Rx HCQ  (NOT FOR COVID)
Dr Zelenko’s Prophylaxis Protocols based on Low, Moderate & High risk
    – Zelenko Protocol innovator: 99% survival of high risk Covid-19 patients

4) Vit C (Ascorbic Acid)
Ideally start with Vit C Purge (Bowel tolerance) protocol
Ideal treatment is I.V. Vit C –
Bowel tolerance is approaching this which will give much greater protection. If you are deficient in Vit C as I was then taking 1000 mg twice a day will not likely help.
Recommended amount : Rx. 1-2000 mg twice a day (any brand, liposomal Vit C ideal for absorption)

Few years ago, a practitioner encouraged me to decrease my Vit C because of my genetics. I was not taking much Vit C and then saw Dr Russell Jaffe’s Vit C Purge protocol (assesses each person body’s Vit C levels and degree of inflammation. (Keep in mind my above recommendation 2000 mg. 2X a day). It took me 75 gms (75,000 mg) Vit C to get to bowel tolerance so I was very deficient and my body needed much more . 
What I’m saying is if you’re using Vit C to prevent or treat life threatening illness, don’t take short cuts. Assess your own Vit C needs (to make sure you are not deficient like I was) by doing the protocol linked below. My 2000 mg 2X a day would not have protected me under these circumstances.
Vit C Purge (Bowel tolerance) protocol

5) Vit D
A) If NOT been on Vit D,
B) If you got sick recently (and likely your Vit D level is low),
C) If not sure about adequate Vit D level
Use HIGHER dosage to boost your level for 3-4 days
(fat soluble –use only for 3-4 days to avoid liver toxicity
Rx. 50,000 IU/day X 4 days then Rx 5000 IU /day

If have been on Vit D continue or Rx 5000 IU /day
Check Vit D3 level after 60 days

Dr. Ryan Cole MD – runs one of the largest diagnostic labs in Idaho (including Covid testing).
Notes from lecture
– Anyone who is not supplementing with Vit D has a suppressed immune system.
– Normal Vit D levels decrease colon, breast, thyroid & other cancer rates, depression and suicide rates.
– Vit D is critical for most from Oct through March and rest of year for indoor workers.
– Those above 35th parallel can’t naturally make Vit D for 4-5 months of the fall & winter
– Cold and Flu season could be known as low Vit D season
– Obesity decreases bioavailability of Vit D as Vit D is fat soluble. 67% Americans are obese.
– The darker your skin the harder it is to get Vit D into your circulation.
– 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient (depleted soils). Magnesium is vital cofactor for Vit D function.

Spanish Covid -19 Vit D study – All patients were treated with HCQ & Azithromycin
The 76 pts were randomized to Vit D or no Vit D
50 pts treated with Vit D – only 1 went into ICU (2%) vs 26 untreated – 13 went into ICU (50%)
Those treated with Vit D – none died, and were discharged with no complications;

Untreated – 2 of 13 went into ICU – 2 diedSee Vit D chart on FLCCC I-Prevent protocol

6) Nigella sativa (black cumin):
80 mg/kg daily and Honey 1 g/kg daily.

Note: thymoquinone (the active ingredient of Nigella sativa) decreases the absorption of cyclosporine and phenytoin. Patients taking these drugs should therefore avoid taking Nigella sativa.

Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) and Iodine     (LB – CRITICAL RECOMMENDATION)
Buy a nebulizer NOW – (pharmacies, “box stores”, online)
– USE 3% H2O2 (fill to “max line in nebulizer) – (add Iodine) may take 10-15 min.
– Use food grade (Dr. D. Brownstein) or regular drug store brand (Dr. Thomas Levy)
– If burns – can dilute the H2O2 with normal saline solution (0.9% sodium chloride in water), or just water. Goal is to utilize the highest easily tolerable H2O2 concentration (while always staying below 3%). Nearly every body can inhale a nebulization of a 50/50 combination.
If ones life depends on this treatment one can likely handle a little burning if present

Optional can add to Hydrogen Peroxide :
Lugols Iodine (2 drops if 5%  or   5 drops if 2%) – add to H202
  Iodine – used to be only antibiotic before our “antibiotics”. Has direct anti-viral as well as immune system effects.
Helps white   blood cells produce hydrogen peroxide to fight viral and bacterial infections, as well as thyroid effects.

Glutathione – Theranaturals  – order : Reduced L-Glutathione Plus (Get this brand only)
Pull apart several capsules and drop into nebulizer

Hydrogen Peroxide references:
Could Hydrogen Peroxide Treat Coronavirus? Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Rapid Virus Recovery-Dr. Thomas Levy 
(In depth discussion with scientific documentation about Hydrogen Peroxide (and more)

Rational: From (book) A Holistic Approach to Viruses – David Brownstein MD
Dr Brownstein and his partners have successfully used inhaled H202 for 20 years with patients with lung diseases and says this one one of the safest and must successful treatments he has seen.
– treats oxidative stress and is anti-viral
– H202 is produced by with blood cells (WBC) to fight infection
– H2O2 is continually produced in the body, almost all cells  are exposed to some levels.

– Mitochondria  generate substantial amounts of H2O2.
– H202 is produced in the lungs

7) Glutathione and NAC

Glutathione (Ideally Liposomal for absorption)
Rx. Glutathione 500 mg / day
Can be Rx orally and/or used in a nebulizer 
Nebulizer Glutathione – Theranaturals – order : Reduced L-Glutathione Plus

Master antioxidant that removes toxins, helps repair cellular damage.
Dr Mark Hyman : 89,000 medical articles – most docs don’t know how to use it.

Deficiencies occur because of

A) Decreased intake fresh veg / fruits, low protein intake
B) chronic diseases (CV or respiratory dis., obesity, diabetes, cancer liver disease.
C) tobacco smoking, Pollution, toxins, medications, stress & radiation (such as EMF)

Proposed mechanisms :
Glutathione Supplementation as an Adjunctive Therapy in COVID-19

NAC (Glutathione precursor)
Rx. 1200 mg 2X a day

READ MORE – Glutathione and NAC

8) Quercetin (For Low and Moderate Risk Patients) :
Rx. 500 mg 2X a day
(FLCCC recommends taking Ivermectin at different time of day then Quercitin)

Anti-viral properties; similar properties to hydroxychloroquine (but easily found in supplement stores)
Low cost, lack of severe side effects, can be used preventively especially combined with Vit C

9) Zinc
Rx. 50 mg / day (any brand of picolinate, glycinate or other chelated version)

Anti-viral (kills viruses in the cells)

10) Melatonin (Really important)
Rx. 5 – 10 mg at bed

Acts as an inflammasone (prevents inflammation from Covid)
Not being used as a sleep aid but can make drowsy so take at night.

11) Magnesium
Rx. 1000 mg / day

Remember people vaxxed have FEWER symptoms –

  • may not feel sick,
  • can get quite ill quickly and
  • shed their spike protein illness to others (without knowledge). 
  • Get enough rest, drink plenty fluids; then focus QUICKLY on building your immune system (see below)

Information from physicians with established Covid experience:

David Brownstein MD
Has been using vitamins A, C, D & Iodine, nebulized H2O2 for 25+ yrs.
His patients didn’t develop pneumonia, get hospitalized,
didn’t die from flu and other influenza-like illnesses at rates they should have.

Dr David Brownstein – “If we didn’t get over these viral illnesses, we wouldn’t survive as a human species, so it certainly makes sense we’d want a strong immune system in place when we get exposed to these pathogenic organisms.” (i.e. viruses) –

(Dr Brownstein kept 106 people 
out of hospital at peak of Covid outbreak with his immune building protocol (see prevention and treatment)His recent published Covid-19 study:
A Novel Approach to Treating COVID-19 Using Nutritional and Oxidative Therapies
David Brownstein, M.D., Richard Ng, M.D., Robert Rowen, M.D., Jennie-Dare Drummond, PA, Taylor Eason, NP, Hailey Brownstein, D.O., and Jessica Brownstein 

107 COVID-19 patients – Only 1 needed hospitalization after Rx started;
NO deaths

Vit A, C, D and Iodine given to 99% pts.
IV H202 and Vit C  ~ 30% pts.
IM Ozone Rx ~35%
Nebulized H2O2 with Lugols Iodine Rx ~85%
Only 1 needed hospitalization after Rx started; NO deaths

Great monograph with scientific basis from Integrative Cardiologist
Dr. Thomas Levy who is an expert on Vit C and hydrogen peroxide 

Rapid Virus Recovery-Dr. Thomas Levy