Stress (Adrenal) – (i.e. applies to EVERYONE)


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The Adrenal gland produces a variety of hormones regulating several life saving vital functions.

One of the most important functions is producing Cortisol, the flight or fright hormone, meant for survival.
In the olden days when one was ready to face the saber tooth tiger, the adrenal gland would gear up and produce more cortisol, help store up calories in the belly for survival & after the fight the cortisol would go back a lower level
to help maintain a slower paced lifestyle.

Fast forward to today – we wake up early, stay up to late, burn the oil at both ends, and cram as much into our day as we can. We rush to stressful work, take care of kids and their issues, keep up relationships with significant others, families and even try to go to bed occasionally. WHEW!

Everyone we know is Tired, Stressed, Depressed or has Sleep issues.

In my experience the vast MAJORITY of emotional issues – anxiety, depression, ADD, mood disorders, in general psychological issues, that have a significant element of adrenal imbalance and when addressed the issues can often be lessened within a short time.

I also see FEARS and difficulties of approaching life issues that go away when the adrenal situation is addressed.

How is the stress in YOUR life?

Is your stress affecting your family, kids co workers?
Heres are several resources you can assess your stress:
3 minute assessment & explanation on stress  Les Berenson MD
The supplement I often recommend people try first (Adrenal Energy Formula) is in back of this handout 

Reducing Cortisol Risk

Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Questionnaire
James Wilson ND  

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Adrenal Fatigue & Low Thyroid – Dean Silver MD

Dr. James Wilson ND is an expert on adrenal stress.
Here is an in depth explanation from Dr. Wilson and a variety of other resources

There are adrenal supplements we call adaptogens that will lower or
raise your bodies levels of hormones if needed – safely.

Please contact me if you’d like some help/guidance.
Often this can be done quickly. (LB)