YOUR Toxic Burden


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We all have created a TOXIC BURDEN over a lifetime of poor food choices, splurging, toxic exposure, lack of “appropriate” detoxification etc. As I’ve become interested in environmental medicine, one of the key issues I’ve been appreciating is that this
“Toxic Burden” not dealt with appropriately will not only create chronic disease
BUT ALSO keep one from healing.

Personally it was an eye opener to find not only my severe mold contamination,
but also heavy metal toxicity (mercury, lead and arsenic),
my Glyphosate level was off the chart (main ingredient in Roundup and
I helped start GMO Free Washington). This was because I never had specifically detoxed from it in past even though I was living an organic lifestyle. My toxic profile was also quite abnormal with high levels of plastics, organophosphates, and more.
With specific detoxification geared at these abnormalities,
my levels to most have come down nicely !
(See my page on suggested testing

What is Your Total Toxic Burden? How To Reduce It For Better Health
by Jill Carnahan MD

Optimizing the Treatment of Infections & Toxins
Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD 4-4-20 – At Environmental Health Symposium
(edited by Les Berenson MD)