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Insurance deaths up 40% people ages 18-64 – CEO Scott Davison OneAmerica Indiana (WATCH – 1 min video)

Scott Davison, CEO – OneAmerica’s ($100 Billion Indiana-based insurance company) – reported unprecedented
40% death-rate increase compared to pre-pandemic data. (He says a 1 : 200 year calamity (Think Katrina) would yield 10% increase. 2021 mortality age 18-64 was was 40%.  He says this data is industry-wide among working-age Americans (Ages 18-64) in 2021

Chilling Pandemic Data from the Insurance Industry

Mass Mutual (44% increase in death benefits in 2021)

Prudential (19% increase in death benefits in 2021)

Northwestern (36% increase in death benefits in 2021)

New York Life (31% increase in death benefits in 2021)

Each of these Life Insurance companies
INCREASE in Death benefit in 2021 –
(compared to 2017-2019)

Edward Dowd – a former equity portfolio manager for Blackrock (10 Years) and grew his portfolio assets grew to $14 billion.  He was known for paying attention to “signals” on wall street and he has the ability as an insider to see corruption going on and to have witnessed “many frauds” in his career. Entering the COVID pandemic in 2020 he and his financial community colleagues were already wondering when the post-2008 “big global debt party would end” and they were “trying to figure out what would occur to usher it in.”

Edward Dowd
A) Working-Age Folks Disappearing Out of Nowhere: You Can’t Blame This on COVID or Missed Cancer Screenings
 – (2 min)
Millennials (ages 25-44) mortality increased Fall 2021- 84%

B) Why are Gen X and millennials dying in 2021? – (2 min)

C) Del Bigtree (the Highwire / ICAN) interview with Edward Dowd
an explosive financial perspective about everything from why he believes Pfizer and Moderna committed fraud during their clinical trials, to the dam that is breaking on the concealment of covid vaccine injuries and deaths.

Edward Dowd home page