Oregon Country Fair 2020

Oregon Country Fair (virtual 2020)
Many of these sets were recorded by OCF and then uploaded to youTube 
so at end of a video – it goes into the next video (unannounced). 
Suggestion: On each stage click on 1st link in set. 
At the bottom click on words YouTube. 
When in YouTube – On the right you’ll see the individual sessions 
(as I shared many I didn’t save the links on this document)  
(Trust me there were no indications of this – I just discovered it luckily). 
I went through the major stages that were “not live” and 
then saved the links to each of the sets I was interested in. 
Some of the groups I put multiple videos together (so out of order).
There may be incredible music I’m not aware of 
so watch even if I skipped writing down the link. 
This should help us get through the next few decades if they are anything like today. There is a wealth of music satire, humor, politics, fire dancing, juggling
Vaudeville stage

OCF MiniDocs The Royal Famille DuCaniveaux (satire, political a must)


Nanda (fast actions, juggling, acrobatic AMAZING))

UMO (satire, comedy, political, acrobatic)

2013 Haute Trash Fashion (recycled trash made into fashion – great)

The Shroud of Marin – Rhys Thomas

Main stage (6 SETS)