Sleep and Insomnia


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There are MANY reasons for sleep issues. If your health care provider can’t find an organic cause consider these suggestions below.

In my experience adrenal imbalance is a huge cause
of insomnia as we get older 
so see section on adrenal imbalance.

Sleep suggestions

1) To relax you – Use Bach Flower Remedy – “Sleep Remedy” –
Rx several sprays under tongue

2) To create QUALITY sleepMelatonin
a natural hormone and cancer patients often take 20 mg at night. Many take Melatonin nightly as a anti – aging hormone (I do). Everyone is different so need to find amount your body needs.
Melatonin will NOT get you to sleep
but help you have a better night sleep

Melatonin – Start 1-3 mg at bed and increase to 3 – 5 mg each night. May feel a bit hung over first few days as body gets uses to it Melatonin resets sleep cycles, forces one into REM sleep and will maintain quality sleep even if fewer hour of rest. Great for jet lag or travel and can start a few days before until a few days after.

Bone Broth – Can Improve Sleep Quality
does this by decreasing core body temperature and increasing cutaneous blood flow.Cooler body temp means deeper sleep.
One of my go-to “sleep hacks” is a big mug of bone broth about
an hour before bed. It always knocks me out (in a good, non-narcotic way). And according to research, I’m not making this up or suffering from placebo. Human studies show that 3 grams of glycine taken before bed increases the quality of your sleep and reduces daytime sleepiness following sleep restriction. Sipping bone broth before bed provides a bioavailable source of glycine, helping us achieve deeper, more restorative sleep at night.

Inclined Bed Therapy:
Sleep on an Incline for A Better Night’s Sleep – Dave Asprey



Homeopathy is a 200-year-old medical system that uses small doses
of various substances to stimulate self-healing processes.
Homeopathy selects substances by matching a patient’s symptoms
with symptoms produced by these substances in healthy individuals.

Get Boiron pellets – Dosage 6C – 30C.
Place 4-5 pellets under tongue (nothing to eat or drink for 15 min. before or after) Take before bed.
At these low potencies there are NO side effects

Here are my favorite homeopathic medicines:
1) Coffee cruda – (Main remedy) – Mental excitement and nervous stimulation that keep a person from sleeping. Thoughts preventing sleep can be happy or distressing. The person may be looking forward to something that will happen in the morning, but feels stressed and exhausted as the night wears on. This remedy can help if overuse of caffeine is the cause.

2) Cocculus feel “too tired to sleep” from disruptive work,
travel & jet lag, or chronic worry and insomnia.

3) Kali phosphoricum (nervous fatigue) – After overworking and mental strain but still having trouble falling asleep

4) Nux vomica (after over-indulgence) – People who have insomnia after over-indulgence in stimulants, food, and drink—or after overexertion, either physically or mentally; drift off, but sleep is light, often awaken in the early AM

5) Arnica (physical & muscular fatigue); bed feels uncomfortable, jet lag

6) Gelsemium (hyperemotional) – Insomnia due to apprehension,
fear or getting bad news

7) Ignatia (after emotions) – If insomnia is caused by emotional upset (grief or loss, a disappointment in love, a shock, or even an argument). As the person tries to fall asleep, the arms and legs may twitch or itch. If sleep arrives, it is usually light, with jerking of the legs and arms, or long and troubling nightmares.

8) Zincum – restless leg syndrome

Homeopathy for Sleep

Homeopathy General Guidelines 


Bullet Proof Your Sleep – Dave Asprey’s suggestions:

Inclined Bed Therapy:
Sleep on an Incline for A Better Night’s Sleep

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