After Cleanse

After The Post-Cleanse Diet and Beyond – David Wolfe
Consider the following suggestions
for your diet and lifestyle.

Note : I’ve been to 5 of David Wolfe’s recent
“Longevity” anti-aging conferences in L.A.
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His videos (free) are highly informative

Be sure to eat 70-80% Water  – content, live foods.

•  Pine nuts
•  Flaxseed oil
•  Udo’s oil – see Udo’s handout
•  Stone-crushed organic olive oil
•  Green superfood powers to add to smoothies
•  Green sprouts of all types (not so many sprouted seeds,
but green-leafy sprouts: clover, radish, onion, etc.)
•  Garlic or onions or ginger
•  Watermelon seeds (a tremendous source of nutrition)
•  Burdock root
•  Hemp seeds
•  Heed seed oil (high in Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids)

Eat foods that are high in minerals, low in sugar.
This list includes ALL green leafy vegetables, all heirloom fruits and vegetables, some seeds, sprouts, green superfoods, grass juices, and their powders.

•  Green vegetable juice every day:
celery, cucumber, burdock root, apple or lemon, kale
•  Every kind of organic dark-green leafy vegetable
•  All cruciferous vegetables: arugula, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, mustard leaves (either raw or steamed)
•  Avocado (If agrees with you, this can sustain you.)
•  Cucumber
•  Non-sweet fruits that agree with you: red (not green) bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, etc.
•  Almond butter
•  Sunflower seeds
•  Pumpkin seeds
•  All nuts and most seeds.
Ideally, soak all nuts and seeds before eating them.
•  Sea vegetables (dulse, nori). Very rich in minerals & salt.
•  Sweet fruit-melon, oranges, grapefruit, berries (2 – 3 pieces a day maximum)
•  Steamed vegetables (not carrot, beet, or potato) –
If one is going to eat anything cooked, non-starchy vegetables are the most assimilable.

• Organic animal products that agree with you (Le., fish, goat’s milk, etc.)

•  All NON-ORGANIC animal flesh pdts. including: beef, chicken, seafood, fish.
•  All raw and cooked NON-ORGANIC (pasteurized) dairy products.
•  Cooked starchy foods: white bread, pasta, white rice, baked potato (choose baked yams or sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes).

•  Avoid cooked carrots or too many juiced carrots, beets, and potatoes. They are all too sweet.
•  Anything containing high fructose corn syrup or refined sugar.
•  Any soda
•  Seedless fruit
•  Cooked (roasted) nuts

David Wolfe – Additional Diet Suggestions
Keep – Clean and Simple
•  Keeps meals simple.
•  Replace all salts with celtic grey minerals sea salt and use intelligently.
•  Engage in a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions (3-12 sessions).
•  Toss all non-organic body-care & house-care products –
Loaded with dangerous chemical solvents.

Try all of these oils: oil of oregano, oil of cumin, oil of rosemary. They are wonderful healers and rejuvinators.
Just add a little to one of your recipes.

•  Radiant C (Best Vitamin on the planet … excellent cleanser.)
•  MSM-Add MSM to your water (1/2 teaspoon per 1.5 liters at first, increasing over time). MSM is the greatest nutrition breakthrough in 25 years.
•  Probiotics (Kyo-dophilus). Try other brands, too!
•  Digestive Enzymes with any cooked food.
•  Nature’s First Law – Coconut Butter (3-4 TBs daily) –
Best erotic oil in world!
•  Green Superfoods-Take 3 tablespoons daily.
•  Supplemental Antioxidants –
Take these if you are going to fly or be exposed to the sun.

Exercise/Structural Support
• Daily exercise outdoors.
• Yoga of all types is excellent.

For more information David Wolfe : or

Books by David Wolfe –
Eating for Beauty, (2002)
The Sunfood Diet Success System, (2000 )

David Wolfe, author of the best-selling book,
The Sun food Diet Success System,
is considered by peers to be the world’s leading authority on raw-food nutrition. As the middle son of two medical doctors, David has an extensive educational background that gives him a unique perspective in the health field.

David holds degrees in Mechanical and Environmental Engineering and Political Science, has studied at many institutions including Oxford University, and concluded his formal education by receiving a Juris Doctor in Law from the University of San Diego.

He is CEO of Nature’s First Law Inc., the world’s largest distributor of books, juicers, audio-/videotapes, organic beauty products, bulk organic foods, and exotic raw foods to assist people in adopting, maintaining, and enjoying raw-plant-food-based lifestyles. He conducts nearly 100 health lectures and seminars each year in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the South Pacific, and is the director of the Eden Hot Springs Retreat Center in Arizona where he hosts several health, healing, and beauty retreats each year


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