Colon Hydrotherapy

Cleansing and Colon Hydrotherapy – “ Colonics”  – FAQ
How does the body eliminate waste and
what happens when toxins build up?

Toxins first build up in the bowel as a result of stress and / or consuming too many acidic foods, such as, sugar, white flour, caffeine, and alcohol. When the bowel becomes unnaturally acidic, it attempts to protect itself by secreting a glycoprotein substance that lines the entire intestinal wall.

This is known as mucoid plaque (see picture below),
and is what makes it hard for the body to absorb vitamins and nutrients, which could result in chronic malnutrition.

When the bowel becomes toxic, it contaminates the blood,
which, in turn, spreads the toxins to the heart, lungs, brain,
muscles, etc. as it is delivering nutrients throughout the body. In the end, the liver is left to deal with the toxic blood, and after years of relentless toxicity, it will become sluggish until it will no longer function. At this point, the toxins will begin to collect in other parts of the body. Disease will manifest wherever they settle.
Overall, cleansing allows you to remove accumulated mucoid plaque
in order to rebuild your bowel and your liver and protect yourself from disease.

How often should I cleanse?
Optimally, on a quarterly basis or at least once / year.

How long should I cleanse?
Cleanses last anywhere from 24 hours to 10 days.

A 24-hour cleanse is a good way to deter oncoming cold
and / or flu symptoms. A general cleanse lasts 3-7 days. It removes excess amounts of mucous, old fecal matter, trapped cellular and non-food wastes, and inorganic mineral deposits that contribute to arthritis. It also purifies your liver, kidneys, and blood; enhances mental clarity; increases energy; relieves the body of dependency on habit
forming substances; and reduces your stomach to its normal size contributing to weight loss. Finally, a deep cleanse lasts for up to 10 days and can help to fight a chronic illness or disease.

Colon Hydrotherapy –

Colonics are different than enemas and
more through and clean out the entire colon.
A cleanse (taken by mouth) will purge the colon
but do as through a job as a colonic.

Seek out a colon hydro therapist in your area.
Get ideas by calling a Naturopathic, Osteopathic physician,
Chiropractor, Message therapist, health food store
to try to locate a GOOD colon therapist etc.

If you live in a remote area you may need
to drive to see them, just as any other practitioner.

Consider doing 2-4 colonics the 1st week during your cleanse. If not do 2 colonics 2X / wk the 1st 2 weeks.

The fecal matter may have lodged inside your colon
OVER YEARS and the healing properties and rejuvenation
of the colon during the cleanse, will make it easier
for this fecal matter to dislodge during the colonic.
Each colonic will get more stored up material out.

An open system (newer) i.e. “Libby” is more comfortable
than a closed system. Request to use a “wand” massager
if available to massage over the abdomen while doing the colonic. This will definitely augment the elimination of fecal matter.

Drink a lot of fluids before and after.

Where can I get more information about cleansing?*

A) “Colon Health: The key to a vibrant life”
by Norman W. Walker

B) “Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care:
A complete program for tissue cleansing
through bowel management” by Bernard Jensen

C) “Detox for Life” by Loree Taylor Jordan

Colonic resources  – (Locate a practitioner):    or


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