Ideal – Safe Cleanse

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What is an Ideal and Safe Cleanse vs. problems
of older “traditional” cleanses

Cleansing and Detoxification

On this page I’ll cover several topics:
1)    Different component of a cleanse

2)    Ideal cleanse – superfood / juice cleanse
       Components of an ideal cleanse –
       Intestinal and Liver cleansing

       Recommended liver, gallbladder flush (per David Wolfe)

3)    Questions and Answers about Cleansing:
What will you be feeling during your cleanse?
Will I be hungry during a cleanse?
How long can you go on a super food – juice cleanse?
Weight loss during cleansing.

4)    Daily Nutrition during your cleanse
soups, juice, protein shakes

5)    Older forms of cleansing (Master Cleanse, Water fasting & Fasting)
Are lemons really alkaline?
Complications and problems of older cleanses


Heavy Metal Detoxification  – Zeolites and Chlorella
non-toxic, deeply detoxifying, & alkalizing dietary supplement from Earth Clay (zeolite is formed when volcanic magna hits fresh or salt water) that can be used internally and externally to help rid the body of toxins such as heavy metals, ammonia and other harmful chemicals and environmental substances.

– SCRAM Parasite Formula – parasite & Candida cleanse


Recommended liver, gallbladder flush (per David Wolfe) :

David Wolfe , “The Sun Food Diet Success System”
raw food and nutrition expert states that even if the diet is toxic and deficient, if the liver is still functioning at a high rate, the body will compensate for deficiencies. One of the main goals of detoxification is to get the liver healthy. Fasting on juice and fresh spring water helps the liver, overcome toxicity.

David points out that this flush increases liver function and bile flow as the bile ducts were a waste release area for the liver. Once the bile ducts are open, the liver can detoxify itself excrete its waste properly.

Gallbladder Flush :
1)    Fast for 3 days with fresh, raw organic apple juice.
2)    Day 3 – during the evening – start on some natural laxative.
3)    Day 4 – 3 PM, at least two hours after your last drink,
break the fast with 6 – 8 ounces organic cold pressed olive oil – drink straight.
4)    Follow with  6 – 8 ounces of freshly squeezed organic lemon juice.
5)    Rest the remainder of the day. Lie down on your right side & stay warm. It is a warm compress ( towel soaked in warm castor oil) or a heating pad on your abdomen over your liver (under your right rib cage)
6)    Day 4 –  during evening  continue natural laxative.

This gallbladder flush will potentially flush out “gravel” on the gallbladder bile ducts & will be eliminated in the stool (may occur after morning Day 5). or


3) Questions and Answers about a cleanse

Cleanses are designed to offset many of these symptoms below.
I list these feelings here so if they occur you’ll understand that these are likely detoxification symptoms. Realize if you are that toxic
do you want these toxins left in your body or are you willing to go through a few unpleasant days to gain greater vitality and health ?

What you MAY be feeling :
Day 1 You may feel tired during the day and you may experience hunger pains (which can be offset by taking in extra protein)

What you MAY be feeling Day 2 (and 3) :
Again, you may feel tired during the day and you will probably experience hunger pains. In addition, you may experience nausea, weakness, and vomiting. 
You may become irritable, have a foggy brain, be somewhat sweaty (the skin is an avenue of elimination), and have a unique body odor. All of these are normal reactions as the toxins begin to move through your body.

Will I be hungry during a cleanse?
Usually hunger will not be an issue and often greater energy will occur. If you use the recommended soups, juices and supplements and FOLLOW THE PROTOCOL you’ll likely do well. If one is hungry take extra protein shakes.

Much of the hunger should leave by day 3 because by then your liver and muscle Glycogen (carbohydrate) stores are depleted.


Some older more “traditional” forms of cleansing –

A) Master cleanse is often a first time cleanse for someone new to cleansing. Master cleanse is a good way to start – you are eating less, and your body is doing things, BUT there are better ways to cleanse & detoxify.

Master cleanse : 15-30 days cleanse using
A) Lemon juice,
B) Cayenne – good for circulation, helps the body heal
C) Maple syrup – helps keep your blood sugar stable. Stanley Burrows designed this cleanse, may have picked maple syrup, for it’s mineral content.
D) Water

Are lemons alkaline (or acid) ?
Lemons are commonly thought of falsely to be alkaline which they are NOT. The way people measure that lemons are alkaline / acid is not complete. Lemons have 3% minerals in them.  Foods are measured by the mineral content ONLY and how acid or alkaline forming these minerals are. (If more than 51% of the minerals are alkaline the food is said to be alkaline. Lemons have 3% minerals and since there are more alkaline forming minerals,
lemons have been falsely associated with being alkaline.
There is more citric acid in lemons than the small 3% minerals. An unripe green Meyer lemon is so acidic you could barely consume it would also be considered “alkaline” by this standard. Lemons and all citrus are acid forming. Tomatoes are considered alkaline forming just like cooked tomato sauce. This is not necessarily a bad thing as not all foods have to be alkaline forming, and many of these foods
are not nearly as acid forming as meat & other foods.

B) Water fasting – completely stop eating and consume water.

Advantages: Water fasting has helped people with their health and lives compared to their normal way of living but water fasting has its limitations as you now see.

Concerns and limitations of WATER fasting
(food restriction, water or Master cleanse)
and why one feels toxic during a cleanse :

1) Results of a water fast are similar to a Master cleanse. Body starts breaking itself down – both fat and muscle tissue.

It does spare survival organs such as brains, eyes, heart, but does break down the non vital muscle and proteins. When it breaks down these parts, the poisons and toxins get released into the bloodstream and colon and its critical to be able to eliminate these toxins from the body.

2) There are no bowel movements when water fasting
Can you imagine going to an outhouse which has not been serviced for 2 weeks and smelling the bouquet or drinking from the outhouse ? (Obviously not as consuming our own feces will make us sick.)

This is a similar to what happens when you dramatically
cut back your food intake or go on a fast (like water or Master cleanse). Whatever food you ate prior to the ?
1-2 weeks before fasting is now sitting stagnant in the intestines. Food should be in the bowels for a day or so, & any food no matter how healthy it is, if sitting in the intestines for too long will start to rot, putrefy, ferment & becomes toxic – called Auto intoxication.

You don’t want to be absorbing your own toxins do you?
During a fast it is critical to move your bowels to get rid of the food present.

You can somewhat do it with enemas or colonics but you will primarily only cleanse the large (lower intestine) To get the upper (small) intestines you need some physical fiber or herbal supplement to move the toxins out of your intestines. All the poisons being excreting in your bloodstream, need to have somewhere to go and be excreted. If there is bile being released from the liver,
if there is no movement in the bowels to remove the bile to be excreted through the intestines, the toxins in the bile get reabsorbed back from the bowel into the bloodstream again.

2) All these toxins released by bodies’ cells during a cleanse are being released into the bloodstream. When fasting there are no nutrients coming in, and the bodies’ ability to detoxify these poisons are limited, more so than when you’re eating food. This is good the body is dumping poisons but there is nowhere for them to go.

There are a lot of free radicals in the blood stream, and there are no nutrition, no fruits and vegetables providing antioxidants to act as radical scavengers to clear these free radicals out.

3) Myth : When you are fasting, you’re not eating, & your body gets a complete metabolic rest.

Truth: you are actually eating the entire time you are fasting as there is no point you are truly fasting, as you are eating the breakdown of your own tissue meaning your cholesterol, triglycerides and uric acid are going up and blood sugar is plummeting, because you are eating animal tissue the entire time ? (you).

Fasting is a very acidic event so need to have alkalinity to offset this.