Why Cleansing?

“Why Cleansing  – Why Bother” –
by Les Berenson MD, FACP

You are what you eat &, more importantly, what you have eaten is still with you. As important as what you’re eating right now (and maybe even more important), is what you’ve already eaten that has not been eliminated.

If you are eating all the proper nutrients but putting them into an environment that is toxic, your body is not able to absorb and utilize them to the fullest extent. If you don’t cleanse your body, then the toxicity builds up, creating an ever-increasing detriment to your energy level, overall health, and well-being.

For example, if you have a headache & aches and pains,
simply getting a massage or taking aspirin may not
solve the problem long-term. You may achieve some temporary relief, but you will not be attacking the source of your pain. The source of your pain begins with what you eat. If you are eating food that overloads your system,
then elimination becomes difficult, limited, or impossible-
you literally create congestion or clogging in the normal bodily process of assimilation and elimination.
Further, this retained waste matter prevents the full absorption of nutrients, depleting your body of energy as it tries to deal with this waste. Ultimately, when your colon becomes blocked, the small intestine must also work overtime to eliminate this waste. These toxins are further passed onto the liver and eventually your blood,
decreasing the oxygen in all the cells of your body.
Your cells will become starved and oxygen will not be delivered. Your blood- becomes filled with toxins & literally, gradually, will become the river of death.

What is the cause of disease?
Disease is the result of emotional and nutritional deficiencies and excess, acid in the body, hormonal imbalance, environmental toxicity among other things.

Cleansing – Do you eat Non Organic Foods?
The evolution of modern society has resulted
in an overload of chemicals, toxins, air pollutants, and radiation.

In addition, by eating certain foods, we expose ourselves
to processed and de-mineralized materials, herbicides, pesticides, food colorings, and preservatives.

All of these toxins put stress on our bodies.
When the body is clean and strong, it has no trouble eliminating the waste. However, when it becomes overloaded with more toxins than it can properly eliminate, the liver will eventually become sluggish and allow the waste to build up. In this state, one cannot properly absorb vitamins, nutrients, and health supplements.
Furthermore, the contamination and malnutrition
that result make the body more susceptible to disease.
In fact, a continuous overload of toxins into the body
could trigger serious ailments, and if a system becomes
so contaminated that it cannot get rid of the excess toxins,
chronic illness or even death could result.

What is a cleanse and when should you do a cleanse?
Cleansing is the detoxification of the digestive track,
blood, intestines, kidneys, liver, lungs & skin.

Should you be cleansing?  – Do you have these symptoms?
•    constipation
•    headaches
•    depression
•    acne
•    fatigue
•    skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis,)
•    frequent colds
•    sinus congestion
•    halitosis (bad breath)
•    joint stiffness/aches and pains
•    indigestion
•    menstrual problems
•    obesity
•    allergies
•    All the ‘itis’s’-colitis, diverticulitis, bronchitis, pancreatitis, sinusitis, etc.

Source: “Detox for Life” by Loree Taylor Jordan

•    Also you should consider cleansing IF:
•    You have a heartbeat (i.e. everyone) .
•    You have been working very hard or been under a lot of stress.
•    You eat sugar or white flour and/or drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol.
•    Your eyes are not clear and/or they are yellowish or red.
•    You took a pH test and tested acidic.
•    You feel a cold or flu coming on.
•    You feel congested from too much food or the wrong kinds of food.
You feel lethargic, like you need a good spring cleaning.
•    You need to eliminate drug residues, after illness or a hospital stay.
•    You need a jump start for a healing program.
•    You need a specific detox program for a serious health problem.
•    You want to streamline your body processes for more energy.
•    You need to remove toxins that are causing a health problem.
– You want to prevent disease and/or rest and rejuvenate the whole body.
•    You want to assist with weight loss and/or want to clear up your skin.
•    You want to slow aging and improve body flexibility.
•    You want to improve fertility.
You want greater mental clarity. You need better quality of sleep.
•    You desire freedom from negative thoughts and feelings.
•    You need to improve your circulation.


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