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Latest articles added or modified:

7-29-23 Methylene Blue

1-22-2023 Page on Urine Therapy (Urotherapy)

6-4-21  Created a new page for Post mRNA vaccine injuries and Long Haul Covid treatment 

10-3-21 Is Liquid Smoke Flavor Safe or Cancer in a Bottle?
I went online to investigate liquid smoke as I ran out of a bottle which as lasted awhile. I found this fascinating article which looked at a very old study that looked at different smoked products as well as different aspects of smoked meat, chicken, fish (my vice is smoked salmon), and even BBQ potato chips etc. 
(THINK – anything with a smoky or BBQ flavor). I was astounded at the information potentially the carcinogenic health risk. I will definitely investigate this article and do more research and likely change my lifestyle after what I found.
 (In https://lesberensonmd.com/?page_id=902 )
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10-3-21 Added a superb review on Metformin on my Diabetes page

7-15-21 added a great article on Vit and resistance (great general article)

7-7-21 Created a page on Zinc, Importance, signs of deficiency, how to correct and even test your levels at home

5-4-21 Created a page on Liver Disorders and Detoxification

12-5-20 added excellent review of Glutathione by Dr. Jill Carnahan MD

12-2-20 Created a page on Surgery risk for Bleeding, Coagulation and Clotting

11-12-20 – Created a page on UTI, Vaginal infections and STDs

11-9-20 Updated my sauna page with an interview from Robby Besner
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4-23-20 Created a page on Dr. Thomas Levy (
Cardiologist & Vit. C expert)  
(filed under detoxing the toxic burden)

4-17 – Modified an incredible lecture by Dr. Thomas Levy , board certified Integrative Cardiologist , and Vit C expert. Lecture entitled                  “Optimizing the Treatment of Infections & Toxins” 
Basis for decreasing Intracellular  Oxidative stress (think most disease), by decreasing calcium and increasing Magnesium, Vit C and others.
To me a critical explanation to approaching disease (either Corona or anything else)

4-11 till present continual updating research on Covid 19 – see Covid heading and scroll down

3-4-20 Excellent interview on SIBO – diagnosis, treatment
(Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth 

3-2-20 Corona (Covid19) virus page updated
What supplements to take (need to build Iodine up slowly so start ASAP and
don’t wait till local panic or have to travel), Hygiene precautions (what to stockpile), articles on the virus etc. I’ll keep updating this page

2-6-20 Updated EMF grounding safety page with excellent article from Dr. Jill Carnahan MD 

1-31-20 Created a page on viruses and how to treat, Section on Corona Virus

1-29-20 Created a page on Gut health andbecoming aware and decreasing your TOXIC BURDEN

1-29-20 Created a page on holistic animal health. 
Added an article by a wonder vet Donna Kelleher DVM on 10 tips to prevent cancer in Dogs

1-23-2020 Major study on Plastics (Teflon’s PFOA  found in 44 cities drinking water (Its in virtually 99% of everyones blood). Page updated

12-23-19 Ram Dass has transitioned – one of the profound teachers of my life and countless others. I created a page with links to articles, videos, many teaching, documentaries etc

11-27-19 Sauna page updated with new Therasage portable
red light photon sauna (near infra red that affects mitochondria)

10-9-19 Can Vegetarians do a Paleo bulletproof diet (eye opener)

10-1-19 Completely updated the Laboratory Assessment and Guideline page. The Glytox (Toxicology) profile, OAT (Organic Acid Test) profile have excellent slide shows and presentations to listen to explaining (from an environmental med. conference I attended). 90% of all chronic disease are SILENT so i suggest being proactive
and do much of this testing (now). I say pay now or pay later (disease and your retirement)

9-24-19 Fasting page completely updated with techniques, suggestions and ideas, dealing with the myths of fasting, who should fast and who should not.

9-10-19 great article on managing pain acute and chronic in a safer manner. Article by Dr Jill Carnahan MD

9-9-19 Updated the Bernie Sander’s page with an article showing how the DNC (Democratic party) is sabotaging Bernies campaign

8-26-19 excellent article on Forgiveness especially of your parents

8-2-19 Bernie sanders page updated with a review –
Code Pink Ranks the 2020 Presidential Candidates on War, Peace and Military Spending

6-16-19 Vaccine (Un)Safety page updated with
A) Excellent video of Robert Kennedy Jr
(one of top environmental and health lawyers) speaking on history of vaccines and lack of safety data across all vaccines
B) articles on Measles being cause in massive outbreaks by those vaccinated with Measles

6-5-19 Added back the page and updated it on  Bernie Sanders

6-5-19 Excellent article on how Big Pharma manipulates scientific study data and doctors. MANY want scientific studies to base their treatment plans.
These same people are unaware of the falsifying cheating and corruption that is going on to create many of these “scientific studies”.  Read this article with an open mind and see if it changes your perspective. “Study Finds That Big Pharma Completely Lied About Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) For Depression -“
On this page on Medical errors

6-5-19 Updated the page on Smart meters, , EMF and 5G

4-22-19 Excellent review of Thyroid testing in Hormones  by Suzy Cohen RPh.

4-1-19 article on hearing aids and wifi.
The EMF levels were off the chart. (Watch the video)
Added to the page on EMF grounding, smart meters

3-12-19 Page on Medical Errors – 3rd leading cause of death  
in US added with references

3-12-19 Dr. Jill Carnahan – Your Ultimate Preventative Testing Guide for Optimal Health! 22 Things to Check When You Turn 30

3-10-19 Article on CBD vs. THC: What Are the Differences?
Which Is Better for You? referred by Dr Josh Axe MD added to page on Medical Cannabis

2-1-2019 Section on Meditation added

12-17-18 added a link to article on the  dangers of even the newer “safer” non stick pans

12-8-18 Excellent review of homeopathy and center with details added

11-10-18 Updated Sleep suggestion page with tip to elevate head of Bed

11-9-18 Updated the psychedelic page with many physician references

10-16-18 Psychedelics and changing your mind

8-14-18 Landmark GMO trial awarding Mr. Johnson $289 MILLION and 400 more cases ready to come to trial. See all the links (Robert Kennedy, The Monsanto papers finally obtained in discovery, and Jeffrey Smith live announcement and putting this into context

8-8-18 Can Alcohol be consumed on keto diet ?

8-8-18 clip on Tony Robbins 6 human needs
insight to understand what drives your ego and personality (and others)

8-4-18 Natural antibiotic formula to make at home
to treat any infection added to page on Antibiotics

7-24-18 Primer on collagen added to keto page – why, importance etc.

7-23-18 – BREAKING: Robert Kennedy Jr.:  
CDC Is A Privately Owned Vaccine Company July 2018 CDC own patents on 56 vaccines and are making profit – these are the people who deem vaccines are safe


7-19-18 several articles to use chocolate on a keto diet
(Check out the recipes)

7-18-18 article added to Exercise section –  What Causes Slow Post-Workout Recovery—and What Can You Do About It?  AND
Hack Your Recovery with Blood Flow Restriction Training by Jill Carnahan MD

6-28-18 Travel page started with Travel Tips from Jill Carnahan MD

PSA – 4 – part series on the PSA test in an attempt to demystify the most feared blood marker in men – by Dr Geo.

Added article on Ultimate Mold Clean up Guide by Dr. Jill Carnihan MD

6-8-18 New articles added documenting the great Sugar coverup
(Fat is not the health concern)

5-21-18 Added key article on successful detoxification
by organ systems by Jill Carnahan MD

Added link to mold free coffee and why by Jill Carnahan MD

Added link  5 Incredible Benefits of Insulin Sensitivity –
Plus, 11 Ways to Reverse Insulin Resistance by Jill Carnahan MD

4-25-18 A guide to Iodine supplementation added to Hormone page

3-23-18 Turning off access to info on FB instructions:

3-17-18 With Stephen Hawking’s passing I’ve created a page in his memory of Motivations and Inspirations

3-12-18 article on Hyperthermia and cancer was added

3-12-18 – 2 new articles by Ty Bollinger (Truth About Cancer) on Iodine
(Under section on Thyroid dis)

3-2-2018 article added to page on Medicial Cannabis
100+ Scientific Studies That Show Cannabis Cures Cancer

2-27-18 Biofilms added to Environmental page (Biofilms are often the reason many diagnosed infections do not get better

2-26-18 Vegan vs paleo? Questions about is meat safe, or toxic for you. Dr Mark Hyman (past President of Institute for Functional Medicine) was a vegan and elaborates on this topic.
– How flexible are you in your reasoning?
– Is your decision to eat meat or not eat meat based on current science or old school beliefs?
– Do you really understand the difference between Grass Fed organic beef and factory farmed?
– Are you REALLY aware that 90% of all disease is based on chronic inflammation. Yes vegan and vegetarians doe of chronic inflammation and their lives are hampered as they get older because of chronic inflammation
– Any vegan and vegetarian who is watching their carb intake IS STILL BURNING CARBS FOR FUEL.

1-24-18 Breast cancer page updated with 2 articles on healing from radiation and chemotherapy

1-18-18  studies provided on bottom of home page www.LesBerensonMD.com
Massive fraud exposed in scientific research –
Did you know that there was a shocking study published in the Public Library of Science Journal, that found“up to 72%” of scientists admitted their colleagues were engaged in “questionable research practices,” and that just over 14% of them were engaged in outright “falsification”?[1]
If that’s not bad enough, between 1977 and 1990 the FDA found scientific flaws in 10–20% of all the studies they audited.[2]
How Many Scientists Fabricate and Falsify Research? A Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis of Survey Data

1-2-18 Heavy Metal Toxicity page added 

10-6-17 *** Ketogenic diets (High Fat , Low carb) – page modified ***
10-1-17 Articles added on healthy clothing and toxic health affects of most clothing

9-21-17 Great articles on help seeds added to nuts and seeds page
9-11-17 Ketogenic diets (High Fat , Low carb)
9-10-17 – Smart Meter page modified and MUST SEE (Free) video

8-4-17 Climate change pages were completely changed
8-4-17 Smart Meters added to EMF page
8-2-17 Sleep issues and Insomnia page

7-31-17 – What Every Man Needs to Know About Male Hormone Health – lay article but good review of Testosterone hormone disruptors

Are You Still Consuming Dairy? by Dr. Mark Hyman MD

5-31-17 –
2 part article on nutritional approach to a Rotator Cuff Tear

Microwaves – why not

5-30-17 Excellent review of Lyme prevention (filed under chronic diseases)

2-13-17 2 articles added by Josh Axe MD
Black Mold Symptoms + 12 Natural Remedies –
Indoor Air Pollution Worse Than Outdoor

1-10-17 2 articles added:
Excellent review on brain support to avoid dementia

Chemotherapy detox – rebuilding your health after chemo

1-2-17 Mark Hyman MD one of the foremost top functional medicine docs was a former vegan and one of the docs who influenced me to really look hard at my lifestyle and consider going paleo. I posted an article he did “Is meat good or bad for you?”   https://lesberensonmd.com/?page_id=882

10-16-16 Page updates on why organic

10-12-16 Psychedelics – scientific research and they incredible effects on PTSD and other emotional disorders

10-12-16 Homemade laundry detergent

10-12-16 Bone Broth – why and how

10-12-16 – Seafood good and the bad

10-12-16 Tobacco

10-12-16  – Care What You Wear: The Benefits of Becoming Clothing Conscious

8-13 -16 Suggested laboratory assessment

8-12-16 Updated Mold issues

6-28-16 Updated hormonal balance page with handout
on Wilson’s Syndrome (Low Temperature and Normal Thyroid tests)

3-27-16 Page on Bernie sanders updates with:
– Excellent talk at Safeco Field inn Seattle where 25,000+ supporters filled Safeco Field with only 2-3 days notice

– New section on polls showing Bernie trumping Trump- most polls vs HRC barely winning or losing to Trump

3-27-16 Vaccine (Un)Safely page updated with info on Vaxxed the documentary on vaccines and the massive coverup at the CDC withholding information and the public (and several days after announced,went of the screening in a prominent film festival it was “retracted”

3-25-16 Section on Animal health added under Daily Lifestyle section

2-24-16 A Closer Look at Grass-Fed Beef – Dave Asprey  https://lesberensonmd.com/?page_id=882

10-28-15 articles on thyroid disease added to normal issues https://lesberensonmd.com/?page_id=423

10-28-15 Page on coffee Enemas and cancer –

10-3-15 Page on paleo, Gluten and organic –
https://lesberensonmd.com/?page_id=882 C

10-3-15 Page on Diabetes – under chronic health conditions

8-27-15 – added to page on chronic inflammation
When to Use Ice, When to Use Heat by Dr. Joe Mercola DO

2 articles on stress added by Dave Asprey :
Stress Relief: How to Give Your Brain a Vacation by Dave Asprey
Opposites DO Attract: Coffee Naps, The Bulletproof Power Nap, Explained
by Dave Asprey

8-15 Added a section for Bernies Sanders – to help people learn and understand his campaign and to unlearn misinformation (or learn the reality of Hilary)

8-12-15  Drinking Water Is Becoming Increasingly Toxic — And Scarce

added under cancer & cosmetic toxicity

8-6-15 Benefits of Cherries: Weight Loss, Gout Healing & Less Inflammation! –
Dr Josh Axe added to sections on gout and chronic inflammation

8-1-15 Added page on Listening skills under Emotional health –

Added page on Vit D references

7-20-15 Added a great article on the “dangers” of gluten Free bread

7-20-15 Added link to Coffee Nutrition Facts — Good for the Brain, Heart & Liver? by Dr. Josh Axe
on page with Coffee information

6-3-15 Added article on meat and link to Altzheimer’s
https://lesberensonmd.com/?page_id=942 (Under chronic diseases)

6-2-15 GMO handout on reading labels was added and the 3 page flier was corrected
as link was incorrect https://lesberensonmd.com/?page_id=11

6-2 Cosmetic Data base link was added to cosmetic toxicity
so one can look up your individual cosmetics

5-28 Added 9 Natural Ways to Treat Seasonal Allergy Symptoms by Dr.Josh Axe MD
Excellent review article and practical  (Filed under Chronic health solutions)

5-14-15 Added Beer Marinade Could Reduce Levels of Potentially Harmful Substances in Meats to section on General Nutritional principles

4-13-15 Added a lot of contact to the page on Natural approaches to Heart disease –
articles on cholesterol solutions and problems with traditional treatment
(Scroll down on Chronic health conditions)

4-3-15 Added to page on Exercise
Why High Intensity Workouts Are Best for Weight Loss  by Dr. Joe Mercola DO – April 03, 2015

Super-Slow Weight Training: The Muscle-Building Workout Hardly Anyone Uses
by Dr. Joe Mercola DO – May 11, 2012

3-25-15 New page on Tea Tree oil   https://lesberensonmd.com/?page_id=770

3-25-15 started a new page with articles on different aspects of heart disease and (un) safety of certain drugs

3-21-15 – Apple Cider Vinegar

3-20-15  page on Nuts – Q&A by Mark Sisson (paleo)
under general nutrition –> Food and Nutrition

3-17-15 Link added to cosmetic Toxicity Fragrance Is The New Secondhand Smoke: Join Us in Eliminating Fragrance To Improve Your Health!

Medicinal Marijuana (added 3-16-15) (under healthy Nutritional Principles)

Chronic Inflammation – articles added on herbs and other nutritional aspect to consider 3-16-15
(under healthy Nutritional Principles)

Mushrooms – health benefits (Paul Stamets)  3-12-15 (under healthy Nutritional Principles)

Weight Loss and Intermittent Fasting 3-10-15

Recipes – (Natural) Homemade shaving cream, shampoos, bugs sprays and much more –
(under daily Lifestyle principles)

Cosmetic Toxicity (under daily Lifestyle principles)

Vaccine  (Un)Safety – the science (under daily Lifestyle principles)